10 Reasons To Have A Chiropractic Blog

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

At Inception we are commonly asked how important it is to have a blog on their chiropractic website.  This article will give your 10 great reasons to keep up with your writing skills, although we also do this for you.

You are a professional

As a doctor you are a pillar of the community, a professional.  You are in a position of expert authority in your profession.  Begin writing a blog to further entrench this position in the minds of those seeking or currently receiving your care.


You want to know what your patients and the community in general is thinking about what you have to say and the care you are providing.  A blog will provide a forum.  Positive or negative this a vital tool for improving yourself and your practice.

Social Media

Anything you post as a blog is very easily placed on any social media site and with the help of the appropriate “tools” it is completed automatically!  The more places your blog appears, the more exposure for yourself and clinic.

SEO Rank

Keep an active blog and watch your rankings soar.

Why you might ask?

The content of a blog is dynamic.  As opposed to “brochure” information only websites a blog is always changing.  Search engines look for the new content and because of the code a “blog” uses they are easier to go through.

Unsurpassed Marketing

Blogs are a great educational tool.  More patients and prospective patients will take to heart what your blog reads than your regular website.  Because they are your personal thoughts most will perceive them with an open-mind more often than statistics and generalities on a website, thus educating and directing patients to your door.

Learn Your Patient Base

Because of the forum created through the option of leaving comments you can learn invaluable information about your patients and prospective patients.  Learn what is driving them from chiropractic care and address their fears.  Find out what their interest and likes are and use it to your advantage.

Patient Education

The main purpose behind a blog is distribution and information consumption by the intended audience. You can control the direction your audience is thinking.   Fill their minds with benefits and the truth about chiropractic care.

Increased Contact, Increased Income

A blog gives you a reason to contact patients and potential patients.  Why?  Well, you have new information to share with them.  The more you can place yourself in their thoughts the higher the likelihood they will contact you.

Achieve Online Goals

Simply put, a blog is the easiest way to publish content on the internet with needed extensive technical skill and it can be automated.  This means you have your new content being distributed to social media sites automatically and having your SEO handled with hardly even lifting a finger.

Additional Income

There is the potential that you could earn small commissions for recommending items or books.  All you have to do is place small “recommended health resources” from sites such as Amazon on a sidebar widget and with little hassle you receive a small stream of income on the side.

Blogs are a great way to communicate with your patients and Google loves the fresh content.  At Inception we do monthly blog posting for our clients, but it’s a great way to help us if you like to write.

Chiropractors Average 80 New Patients Each Month

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