3 Things Your Chiropractic Website Needs

Last Updated: May 23, 2019

I have the chance to speak with about twenty chiropractors each week.  Many of them are struggling with their new patient numbers, and their hope is that the internet can fill that void.  The internet can be a great place to generate new patients, but it’s not as simple as throwing up a chiropractic website these days.  A great deal of execution has to happen before those patients will even be able to find you.

I this article I’m going to list three things you can do to improve the search engine optimization of your chiropractic website.  If you would like a more comprehensive list you should also take a look at This Article.

Metadata – Behind the Scenes

One of the first things that Google looks at when then come to a webpage is the metadata.  Think of this as the summary of the page that Google uses to determine if they should look deeper.  If you are a chiropractor in New York, your homepage Meta Title Tag might look like “Chiropractor New York | Anderson Chiropractic 555-555-5555.”  This is what I see when I look at many chiropractic websites today.  “Anderson Chiropractic – Doctor Jeff Anderson.”  Google can still figure out where you are, but it’s important to have your city name listed in your Title Tag.

The second important part is the Meta Description.  This is a short paragraph that gives Google and visitors a little more information regarding the Title Tag you are displaying.  The meta title tag and the meta description should be discussing similar topics.  Meaning if you are talking about “Chiropractor New York” in the title you should also be talking about some version of that in the description.  Failure to do this will result in a lower Google rank.

On Page Text – What You Can See

The second thing Google looks at after your meta tags is the on page text.  The text on your page needs to match up with the title tag and description.  If your meta data is talking about “chiropractor in New York” then the page content should also be related to this.

The majority of chiropractic website companies today skip this step.  Some of them update your title tags and descriptions, but very few update the on page content.  At Inception we do the extra work to make sure everything is congruent.

Unique Content – Is it Necessary?

There are a large number of factors that Google looks at to determine the rank of a page.  Uniqueness of content is certainly one of the factors they look at, but we have certainly shown at Inception that this is not a do or die subject.  A significant number of clients we work with have duplicate content and are ranking very well with it, but I do feel that unique content gives you an advantage.

There’s a reason that I spend the time writing all of the unique posts that I write.  It gives me large amounts of unique content for my website.  As I’m writing this today I rank #1 for Chiropractic Marketing and #1 for Chiropractic Websites.  The ranks I have achieved are not by luck or chance.  I produce the largest amount of high quality content in those areas and Google is rewarding me for it.

There are certainly other factors that play a role in the rank of your website, but they are topics for future articles.  Keep following my posts and I’ll teach you how to dominate your online market.

By Mike Hamilton

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