5 Key Aspects To Having A Perfect Chiropractic Website

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

So what does it take to have a perfect chiropractic website?  In this article I’m going to be covering five key aspects.  The majority of chiropractic websites out there today are missing most of these and consequently the offices paying for them are losing money.  Follow these steps and you’re well on your way to great success in your community.

Step 1 – Overall Chiropractic Website Design

In order to understand this step you need to take some time and look at some of your competitors.  One thing you’ll notice is that when there is a lot of text you won’t want to read it.  I find that I ignore everything when there is too much to read.  When you see a site that is very neat and clean it’s easier to figure out what you should be doing.

You probably have four seconds or less to tell someone that visits your website what you want them to do.  If it takes any longer they are likely to leave without taking action.  Take a look at our chiropractic website designs page.  You’ll notice that our sites look very simple.  We do that because we know that it generates more new patients.

Step 2 – Call to Action

You have to make a decision when you have a chiropractic website.  Do you want to have an education website, or a website designed to generate new patients?  Being a chiropractor myself, I believe it is almost impossible right now to educate a new patient on your website.  If my opinion is true then the focus of the site should be on generating new patients and that comes from a clear call to action.

Remember you have about four seconds to get the attention of a prospective client.  The call to action needs to be one of the first things they see when they hit the site, and it should be in multiple locations.  When we follow this model our clients simple get more action to be taken on their site.

Step 3 – Proper Meta Tags

Meta tags are something that Google and other search engines look at to determine what your website pages are about.  When I look at most chiropractic websites the meta tags have been neglected.  All this effort was put into the website, and the most important thing was left out.  You can’t expect Google to find you when they don’t know what your page is about.

If you don’t work with us at Inception call your provider and have them walk you through what the meta tags are for every page of your website.  You’re also welcome to call me and I can show you how to look at it.  You probably won’t like what you see.

Step 4 – Your Content

Not only do you have to have properly formatted meta tags, but you also need to have great content that matches up with it.  Take a look at your current website.  If you have a page about back pain there should be titles on that page that talk about back pain in your city.  If you don’t have that you are competing against the entire world for the topic of back pain.  You want to be ranking in your city not globally.

It’s also important to have enough content on your pages.  A page should have more than 400 words preferably.  The more you have the better it is as long as it’s well written.  1000 words of nonsense will not be of much help.

Step 5 – External Optimization

If you have steps 1 through 4 under control then you can move on to external optimization.  This is what separates the winners from the losers.  In an city that is somewhat competitive you will have to build external links to your site.  Things like:

  • Posting YouTube Videos
  • Writing Articles
  • Doing Blog Comments
  • Etc…

This can be a pretty daunting task and it must be done correctly.  I see a lot of offices get themselves into trouble here.  If you post things in the wrong places or you use the wrong kinds of links you can get your website filtered or penalized.  You have to have an expert on your team that can help you to make the correct moves each month.

I hope that this information has given you some insight into what you should be looking for to create the perfect chiropractic website.  The steps listed above are carefully done for each of our clients at Inception Chiropractic Websites.  Please feel free to call us with any questions that you have.

By Mike Hamilton

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