Award Winning Chiropractic Websites – 2015

Last Updated: May 17, 2019

We have updated this post for 2018 Award Winning Chiropractic Websites.

If you ask me what an award winning chiropractic website should be, it should be a website that generates new patients.  The world of chiropractic internet marketing is a competitive one.  There are dozens of companies coming up with pretty designs, but how many of them actually produce?

As chiropractors we get caught up in what we want to see on the website instead of thinking about what the patient wants to see.  Ask yourself this question?  What would you want to see if you were looking for a new chiropractor?

In this article I’m going to break down what I believe it takes to have an award winning chiropractic website in terms of production.  In the end, the purpose of your website is to achieve this goal.

Award Winning Chiropractic Website Layout

The layout of your chiropractic website is the first thing to think about.  Do you want to overwhelm the potential new patient with everything you do, or do you want to gain their trust?  I’ll help you out with this question.  You want to gain their trust.

The majority of patients are not going to choose you because of the amazing services you have.  They will make their decision on who makes them feel the most comfortable.  They want to see:

  • What you’re office looks like
  • What you look like
  • What your staff look like
  • How many 5 star reviews you have

Give the patient what they want to see quickly on your website, and they will choose you above the others they look at.

Award Winning Mobile Function

The second key to award winning chiropractic website success is having excellent mobile function.  Today the majority of websites are responsive.  This means that they adjust their size to fit the screen they are being displayed on.

Just as it’s important to make it easy for potential new patients to navigate your main website, you want to make sure they can navigate your mobile site as well.  Positioning things properly on your responsive design gives new patients what they want quickly and easily.  This can really make a difference in the numbers you see come in from your site.

Award Winning Chiropractic Website Company

At Inception Websites we work hard to set our clients ahead of the pack.  We continuously update our platform to ensure that chiropractors get the most out of their websites.  If you are frustrated with your current setup give us a call.  I’m happy to help you take things up to the next level.

I know you’ll find that we are open and honest about the results you can expect, and our pricing is manageable for every office.

Also to save you time I wrote an article breaking down the top 20 chiropractic website companies.  You can check it out by clicking  HERE.

Contact me today at:  (920) 857-1106

By Dr. Mike Hamilton

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