Last Updated: May 6, 2019

We had a client start with us this week that told us an interesting story. While trying to contact us they searched "Inception Websites", and clicked on an ad that appeared at the top of the results. The ad said the following:

"Chiro Website Inception - Experts in Chiropractic Marketing"

The domain name below the ad looked like this:

If you look closely it's actually an ad that takes you to Chiromatrix, but they did everything they could to make it look like they were us.

After doing a little research I saw that Chiromatrix is also doing this to most of the other chiropractic website companies. I classify this as a "Dirty Trick". If Chiromatrix is not good enough to gain their own clients then I guess I can understand the desperation, but the reality is that they are just an unethical company.

About 2 years ago Chiromatrix was bought out by a much larger company called Internet Brands. I assume that the culture there has changed since the buyout. I found the comments here from Chiromatrix employees to be pretty amusing.

We're all in business to grow our business, but it shouldn't be done with dirty tricks. Chiromatrix is the largest chiropractic website provider. They are the Walmart of our industry. I would expect that they would function with some level of decency.

The Video Below Shows What Chiromatrix is Doing:

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