Chiropractic Facebook Posting Ideas

chiropractic facebook posting ideas

Last Updated: May 3, 2019

Many doctors are hearing all of the hype and buzz about Facebook needing to be part of their chiropractic marketing plan. Yes, Facebook ads are the most popular form of posts on Facebook for chiropractors, but, what else can you do besides paid advertisements? One thing that we have found by listening to our clients and testing different ideas is engaging Facebook Posts.

What is an ideal chiropractic Facebook post?

Posting on Facebook can be tough. It is hard to engage your patients and connect to each individual one. A fact that you may not know about Facebook is that only 30% of the people who like your page will actually see one of your posts. This means that when you’re posting, you need to make sure the post is something your patients want to see. Some ideas are: contests, jokes or experiences.

These are ways that you can connect with your patients through Facebook and get them to interact with your posts. It will help build a stronger relationship with your patients, which can help in their satisfaction and increase their chances of referring their family and friends. When you are using Facebook as a tool to connect with patients, rather than running ads, it can be very effective.

One thing that I would like to point out about posting on Facebook is that you need to have many of your patients liking and following your page in order to see a lot of interaction. The more interaction, the better. If you would like to increase your following on Facebook, there’s a couple different strategies you can do as a chiropractor.

  1. Put up a sign on your front desk or in your office stating something like... “Hey everyone! We are on Facebook! Like our page for business updates, contests, pictures and more! Thank you!” You should see an increase in likes on your page by putting a sign up.
  2. Ask your patients in person to like your Facebook page. This can be done by an office staff or the doctor. It can be after they check in, during an adjustment or before they leave the office. That way there is a more personal touch so they are more likely to check out your Facebook page. You could say something along the lines of: “Hi Sue, have you checked out our Facebook page? We post office updates, contests, pictures and a lot more. You should check it out!”
  3. Lastly, another way that you could ask a patient to like your page is by giving out some sort of offer. This could be printed out on a card or said in person but handing them a card tends to have the most success. The card could read, “We are happy to have you as a patient and you are qualified for a giveaway of a free adjustment! All you need to do is like our Facebook page and tag a friend on the post! Good luck! -Dr. Mike” By giving away an adjustment, the patient is more likely to like your page. And by them tagging a friend, it gives your office more exposure on Facebook.

What is the Benefit of Facebook Posts for Chiropractors?

The biggest benefit you can get from doing facebook posts as a chiropractor is patient interaction and improving your relationships. But, are there any other benefits? Yes and no. We have found with working with over 1200 chiropractors that there can be a small SEO benefit in doing Facebook posts.

The benefit that we have seen has come to doctors and offices that have a large following on Facebook and get a lot of interaction with their posts. If you have a page with little to no followers, and your posts go unnoticed, there is no benefit.

If I were still practicing today, I would make sure that I asked all of my patients to connect with me on Facebook, so that I had a large Facebook page. And I would stay active and connect with patients on Facebook daily. I wouldn’t worry about the SEO benefit of Facebook too much, because there is a lot more that can be done to improve your rank on Google. Trust me, I know.

If you would like to learn more about chiropractic Facebook advertising, check out our free information below.

Different Types Chiropractic Facebook Posts

There are many different types of Facebook posts that you can do as a chiropractor. I will highlight a few that I have seen to work well in terms of patients engaging with the post.

The first type that typically works well is a contest. This can be anything from how many gumballs are in a jar, or how many spots are on a giraffe. It is really up to you and your creativity as for what the contest is. Some things that we have seen chiropractors give away on Facebook are free adjustments, a percentage off an adjustment or a free massage if you have massage therapy in your office.

Example: “Hey everyone! How many spots does a giraffe have!?! The closest guess will win a free adjustment! Good Luck!”

chiropractic facebook post

It is nothing huge that you are giving away, but a patient would appreciate the offer and a patient is likely to engage with the post.

Another type of post that I have seen to work is a drawing. This will be a post that prompts patients to respond, and if they respond they are entering into a drawing where a winner will be picked. We have seen chiropractic office do coloring contests (good for pediatric offices!) or sharing recipes.

Example: “Happy Thanksgiving from the staff here at Green Bay Chiropractic! My family loves this Organic Garlic Mashed Potatoes recipe. Share your favorite Thanksgiving recipes with us to be entered into a drawing for a free adjustment! Don’t forget to like the post too!”

chiropractic facebook post idea

This is an easy post to do and it is a good way to connect with your patients on a personal level. I recommend using this for Christmas, Thanksgiving and other big holidays.

The last type that I would like to share is a more ‘sharing’ type of a post. This can be something along the lines of tell us your favorite superhero, or tell us how chiropractic care has improved your life. This will not draw as much interaction, but it is a fun and easy way to engage with patients.

Example: “Hey everyone! We would love to know the superhero in your life! Comment Below!”

chiropractic facebook posting idea

I recommend doing one of these posts after you do a contest or a drawing. That way, you aren’t always giving something away, and it keeps your posts unique so patients don’t get bored.

TIP: Try to include emojis on your Facebook posts. We have seen that a post that includes emojis is more personalized and gets more interaction! 🙂

There is also another type of posts that we have seen for chiropractors - these are posts like inspirational messages, statistics, or generic questions. We have found that these can work, but they don’t work as well as a contest or drawing will.

For generic posts like these, there are many different auto-posting tools available. The best one that we have seen is Amplifeied, or Amplifeied Pro. They offer many different options of posts for your chiropractic office on Facebook.

How Can a Chiropractor Get More Traffic on Facebook?

Traffic on Facebook means shares, comments and likes. In order to have a successful Facebook post you are going to need to have shares and comments. This allows the post to show up on your patient’s timeline so all of their friends will see it. In a sense it is free advertising for your business.

I recommend that in every post you do on Facebook as a chiropractor, you include some sort of verbiage like “Make sure to like, comment, and share!” This will help increase the engagement of your patients with your posts.

What More Can be Done on Facebook for Chiropractors?

If you are still wondering what more you can do as a chiropractor on Facebook, I recommend checking out Facebook Paid Advertising. This can be a good tool to bring in new patients, but it can be difficult. Most offices these days start by doing a discount deal ad that will work really well at the start, but it tends to flatline after a few months.

There are many different strategies and styles that you can do as a chiropractor on Facebook for advertising. We have had many doctors ask us questions about what exactly can be done, so we decided to write a free guide for chiropractic Facebook advertising. It is everything you need to know to do Facebook Ads.

If you would like to learn more, check out our Free Facebook Advertising information. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. I hope this article helped.

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