Chiropractic Internet Marketing For New Patients

Last Updated: June 24, 2019

As a doctor today you probably realize that chiropractic internet marketing is an important part of your practice.  Any marketing program that can generate new patients for your practice without you having to do the work is worth implementing, but that’s the problem with it.  How do you get it implemented, and who do you trust to help you?  I’ll do my best in this article to show you what you need and what to watch out for.

The Key Pieces of a Chiropractic Internet Marketing Campaign

The first key piece of a chiropractic internet marketing campaign is a conversion optimized website.  A website that is designed to generate new patients.  Spend some time looking at our Inception designs and then take a look at some of the other websites out there.  You’ll notice that our websites always have a strong call to action on them while many of the other websites you come across have tons of information everywhere.

Do a test on yourself.  Surf around different chiropractic websites and notice what happens to you when you land on a website with lots of information everywhere.  I bet you’ll find that your eyes glaze over and you lose interest quickly.  Remember you’re a chiropractor and this stuff is interesting to you.  Your new potential patients are not that interested and they will not look through boxes and boxes of text, spinning spines, etc… to figure out what you do.  They want to know who you are, what your phone number is, and it’s great if there’s some kind of offer for them to see.  The rest really doesn’t matter.

The Second Key Piece

The second key piece of an internet marketing campaign is having a complete social media system in place.  There are a number of companies today saying that they do social media marketing, but do they really?  What does that mean and what are they doing for you?  So many chiropractors are fooled in this area.

To start with a complete chiropractic social media marketing plan should include the following:

  1. Accounts setup with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google My Business
  2. Accounts fully filled out with custom backgrounds built in.
  3. Google My Business and YouTube conformations done for you.
  4. Extra attention given to Google My Business to make sure you receive the full benefit.

At Inception our clients receive all of the above.  We realize that we could take shortcuts and you would never know, but we got into this business because we are chiropractors.  We wanted to bring a different level of quality to our clients.  The problem is that because doctors don’t realize the above 4 steps need to be done the fall victim to great salesmen.

To my knowledge as I write this we are the only company that does all of the above steps completely.  Most of the other companies that say they do social media work simply create accounts for you.  The leave out steps 2 through 4.  They say that they handle social media for you, but it seems to me that you should expect more for your dollars.  The great news is that our prices are actually lower than the companies that claim to do this work.  You get higher quality work at a lower cost, and we get loyal trusting clients that stay with us.

The Third Key Piece

The third key piece to your chiropractic internet marketing system is having regular blog posts done for you.  Again almost every company does this, but there is a catch.  For those blog posts to do you much of any good they need to be customized for your office and your city.  Having canned blog posts put on your site that are not linked to your website and do not contain your local details is frankly a waste of time.

The problem is that you actually have to go in by hand to do the things I’m talking about.  The game for most chiropractic internet marketing companies is to figure out how they can mass produce websites without having to do any personal work for your individual website each month.  They use auto posting tools and RSS feeds to push articles out to your website, but again that can’t work because it has to be personalized.

At Inception we spend the time each month to personally go to our websites and hand post your blog articles.  We customize them for your local search and add appropriate links.  Trust me when I tell you that this is a critical step that you should demand.

The Forth Key Piece

The forth key piece of your internet marketing system is having a solid SEO or search engine optimization plan.  This means that your website itself needs to be properly optimized and you need to have a good external optimization plan as well.  The majority of companies out there were started one of two ways:

  1. They were started by a chiropractor or a chiropractic marketer that hired a website builder to do the work.
  2. They were started by a website designer that was not focused on SEO.

Before I started Inception I was an accomplished expert in chiropractic marketing and my hobby for ten years was search engine optimization.  When I learned to build websites I was able to incorporate all my SEO knowledge into each site along with my strong chiropractic and marketing background.  That combination has been very powerful and our clients see the results.

SEO is always changing, and over the last two years it has changed drastically.  The majority of SEO companies have gone out of business, and only the very knowledgeable have survived.  The tighter that Google makes the rules the higher our sites have gone.  The more Google cracks down on cheating the more business we seem to acquire.

The Fifth Optional Piece

There are a number of higher end chiropractic website providers that will tell you that Google Adwords or Google Pay Per Click is the answer to your problems.  The will also tell you things like they have a proprietary system or they will rename a current Google service to make it seem like they invented it.  The reality is that Google Adwords can be effective in some cities.  For every city I see it work ok in I see another city where it’s a waste of money.

We don’t force any of our clients to do Adwords.  In fact I don’t charge extra for setting up their accounts and managing them for clients.  I have no reason to push you to do it because I have no financial tie to it.  My job is to keep your cost as low as I can to produce the maximum number of new patients for your office.  As far as Adwords goes it’s all about the ROI.  If you’re making a profit on it then it’s great to do, but trust me not every city works well.  It’s worth testing though to see what happens in your area when an expert sets up your account for you.

In Conclusion

I hope this article has been helpful for you.  I know I’m a bit biased in my discussion, but I really believe that we offer a top of the line stand alone service at a very reasonable fee.  It drives me crazy to see fellow chiropractors spending money on smoke screen services.  We can do better for you.

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