Chiropractic Marketing –
The Yellow Pages Are Dying

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

Chiropractic marketing is always changing and the days of the old Yellow Book or Yellow Pages are coming to an end.  Yet today thousands of chiropractors still pour hundreds of dollars each month into this service.

Verizon, a leading phone book provider in the U.S. announced it will eventually cease to publish directories in various regions across the country.  The internet is quickly becoming the resource of choice when the public is searching for services, particular businesses and friends/family.  The phone book is becoming an artifact of days gone by. The reality is the phone book could potentially be completely done away with by 2020 and so will its usefulness as a chiropractic marketing tool.

New York has already witnessed the elimination of the White Pages, saving Verizon alone nearly 5000 tons of paper every year.  According to recent consumer research only one in nine households actually use a phone book, the remaining households use the internet mostly via mobile devices.

Review sites such as Google Places and Yelp are replacing phone books at a rapid rate.  Consumers are enabled with the ability to write business reviews and post pictures.  Business owners can personalize their listings with specific descriptions, photos, videos, special offers, etc…engaging potential customers.

As chiropractors we need to embrace the changes or forever be pushed into obscurity.  The old methods and tools of chiropractic marketing are being superseded by the technology and resources of today.  Modify your chiropractic marketing strategy and begin seeing the results!

By Mike Hamilton

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