What We’re Doing About 2021’s Overpriced Chiropractic Marketing Scam

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Last Updated: January 15, 2021

Every few years there is a new marketing “silver bullet” that arrives with claims that it will “disrupt” the chiropractic industry forever. This year it’s a dashboard by a company called GoHighLevel that is purpose-built to be white-labeled and resold.Inception Online Marketing High Level Dashboard

You might have already heard some newly-minted marketers go around saying, “We can guarantee you 60 leads from Facebook each month” or “Every office is getting 6 figures worth of new patients”. After making these eye-catching statements they’ll reel you in with testimonials from other chiropractors, “just like you.” The simple truth is they’re just managing your Facebook Ads by marking up this dashboard - some by over $500/month.

Expect to see quite a few companies pushing this dashboard in a variety of ways over the next year because of two reasons: it’s easy to resell and it works.

Yes, this dashboard has the opportunity to be a gamechanger for your practice if you implement it in the right ways. However, at Inception, we don’t believe it should cost you a small fortune every month to take advantage of it. In fact, that’s why we are rolling it out to our clients at no extra cost.

To give you a brief introduction, the advantages the dashboard can give your office include all-in-one access to online scheduling, automated lead follow-up, and lead tracking. On top of this, it can take over any CRM system that you have in place for the office while reproducing the functionality of other popular services like MailChimp, SendGrid, Infusionsoft.

A clearer example of the dashboard’s automation in action could look like this:

  • A new patient submits an appointment request through your website.
  • From your schedule, the patient self-selects a time and date that works for them.
  • Afterward, they receive a text message from your office confirming the appointment request.
  • Over the next week before their appointment, the potential patient receives a series of emails ensuring that they get to become acquainted with your team. The patient will also receive their paperwork, directions, learn what to expect on their first day, and best of all - become excited about visiting your office!

So with your team hardly having lifted a finger, the dashboard will have effectively transformed every new patient appointment experience.

To give you one more taste of what the dashboard can do, let’s fast forward a few months. That initial patient from the previous example has come in for their first few visits, but you haven’t heard from them and they are inactive. No worries, the dashboard will take care of the heavy lifting and start them on a reactivation campaign with texts and emails to get the patient back into care with you. That is huge!

At Inception, we have been working hard over the past few months to help offices incorporate this same dashboard into their practices. So far, the feedback has been great, and we will continue to get as many doctors using this system as possible.

The biggest difference between us and all of the other companies that are offering this service is that we aren’t doing it to suck as much money out of offices as we can. We truly believe this is a gamechanger for our clients which is why we are committed to rolling it out to them at no extra cost.

As you go through the holiday season and retool your office’s marketing strategies, be cautious about the many overpriced services out there. I’ve seen too many doctors get sucked into services that are far too expensive to justify the cost.

If you have any questions about dashboards or marketing in general, feel free to give me a call at (920) 857-1106. Our team is always here to help!

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