Do Chiropractic Newsletters Work?

Last Updated: June 17, 2019

Have you tried using chiropractic newsletters in your practice?  For years chiropractors have been paying for and handing out newsletters in their office with mixed results.  Today many doctors are moving to online chiropractic newsletters, but does this system work?  I’ll break down this topic from my personal experience and the experience I’ve gained from hundreds of clients.

To start with I believe that patient education is a must for any chiropractic office.  An educated patient is a patient that will understand that you are a necessary part of their healthcare picture.  That being said there are many forms of patient education and newsletters happen to be one of the more popular forms.

Ask yourself this question.  Would you want to read a newsletter that you knew your doctor did not write that he or she handed to you?  I’m willing to bet that you wouldn’t read it and neither will your patients.  When you think about it it’s almost an insult that you are trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own.

The Solution to Canned Chiropractic Newsletters

It’s important to give your patients information, but canned chiropractic newsletters are not the answer.  What most doctors don’t realize is that they don’t need to give their patients a five page report each month.  What then need to do is sit down every other week and put a couple of paragraphs together that actually mean something.  A bit of inspiration or information that they know comes from you and has some meaning behind it.

All you have to do is have your staff collect patient emails and input them into an auto responder system like Awebber or Constant Contact.  From there you can give your message to your staff and they can send it out 1x or 2x’s per month to your patient base.  It’s a tiny bit of work for you, but the results you see will be 10x’s as much.

Our clients at Inception have the ability ask our team for help here.  We walk them through the setup and they are ready to go.  This will save you money every month and add referrals to your bottom line.

Also, it you are looking for additional chiropractic marketing information please take a look at our “Chiropractic Marketing 101” page.  There is literally thousands of dollars of free detailed marketing advice there.

By Mike Hamilton

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