Chiropractic Pokémon Marketing

Chiropractic Pokemon Marketing - Pokemon BasicsBy now, you may have heard of Pokémon GO, the game that has been sweeping the nation, and the world, with users walking around with their phones out, constantly catching Pokémon. So, what is Pokémon Go? Pokémon Go is an augmented reality video game for iOS and Android phones and tablets based on the popular Niantic game Pokémon. In Pokémon GO, players can look at a map of their surrounding area in real time and see Pokémon available to catch. The goal is to catch all of the Pokémon available! Within the game, there are two other aspects, Pokéstops and Gyms. Pokéstops and Gyms are based off of locations in real life such as monuments, statues, signs, parks, businesses, etc. At Pokéstops, players spin a wheel to gain items needed in the game. Pokéstops also come in useful when you use an item called a “lure” on it, it increases the chance of Pokémon showing up in that area. At Gyms, users battle their Pokémon against other users Pokémon to gain control over the gym for their respective team. So where does chiropractic come in?

If your chiropractic office is within the vicinity of a Pokéstop, you’re in luck! Many chiropractors have been utilizing Pokéstops to gain an edge in their chiropractic marketing. Here are a few ideas for different ways to utilize Pokéstops near you:

  1. Do you already offer special discounts to new patients? If so, go to Facebook and search for your city and state with Pokémon GO included, many cities have specific pages for Pokémon players to post to. Join the page and create a post to invite any players to stop in for your discounted special if they prove at the office that they play Pokémon GO! Players are more likely to support local businesses that are utilizing the game!
    • A spin on the previous idea is to offer a discount during a certain time of the week and during that time, pay a small amount of money to put a lure on the Pokéstop near you! A lure costs 100 coins (or 8 lures cost 680 coins). Coins cost $0.99 for 100 coins or $4.99 for 550 coins (there are higher increments if you plan on purchasing more coins as well). The lure will last 30 minutes and Pokémon players will be more inclined to be in your area to catch Pokémon. Perhaps you can plan on buying four lures for a two-hour block of time where Pokémon players can come in for a new patient special if they prove they’re playing the game. Don’t forget to advertise on Facebook!
    • There’s one more alternative to this idea. Pokémon GO has three different teams: Valor (red), Mystic (blue), and Instinct (yellow). Take a day out of each week to promote one of the teams! Members of that team will get your special discount for that day only! Remember to promote each team though so no one feels left out. If you search Facebook for your city and state with Pokémon GO and the team name, you should be able to find team specific Facebook pages. Join those pages as well and create a post to let each team know what day to come in!
  2. Does your chiropractic office offer some type of class for weight loss, nutrition, exercise, or yoga? Consider offering one geared for Pokémon players! Players need to walk around to catch Pokémon, hatch eggs, and get to gyms and Pokéstops. You could create a class to help them:
    • Stretch or do yoga pre and post-Pokémon hunt
    • Make the most out of their walks with different exercises. Lunges anyone?
    • Teach players about proper footwear during their longer walks and offer to get them fitted for orthotics
    • How to prevent foot, back, neck, and shoulder pain while playing – players are constantly looking down at their phones, what kind of repercussions are we going to see from that?
    • Eat healthier! Video gamers are known for unhealthy eating habits, now is a great time to teach them about healthy snacks to take on their walks!
    • Sore from hunting all day? Offer a discount to players for a quick massage or acupuncture session!

These are just a few ideas your chiropractic office can utilize to get new patients in the door. Whether you want to offer specific classes or discounts to players, making the most out of this globally played game will create a connection with your new patients. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and become a Pokémon master!

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