Chiropractic Re-Marketing Ads

Chiropractic Re-Marketing Ads


How valuable would it be if you could track all the people that visit your chiropractic website, and market to them after they leave your site? Chiropractic Re-Marketing ads give you the ability to do this.

When a potential new client visits your website they are tagged with tracking cookies. Our expert team at Inception installs this code for your, and creates a series of ads for your business. When your potential new customers are visiting other websites your banner ads will show up in front of them again.

Studies are conclusive in the fact that repetition is critical in marketing. The more often your potential clients see your message the more likely they are to choose you when the time is right.

Where Do My Re-Marketing Ads Run?

In a Re-Marketing campaign your ads will run in a radius that we set up around your office. It doesn’t make sense for your ads to be running in areas where potential patients would not be willing to drive from. The beauty of this system is that you can control the radius of where your ads run, but also the time of the day that your ads run.

At Inception we’ve learned that our clients only generate new patients at certain times of the day. We schedule your ads to run during this period of the day to give you the best return on your investment.

Inception Re-Marketing Ads

At Inception Online Marketing we can help you establish a Re-Marketing system that your competitors will be in awe of. We create your custom ads, set up your tracking codes, and create your campaigns. You just sit back and watch your online results improve.

Call our expert team today to get started with this incredible program. You deserve to have the very best.