What Are Chiropractic Re-Targeting Ads (TM)?

Last Updated: June 24, 2019

From time to time I get asked by clients about different services offered by chiropractic marketing providers.  Over the last year I’ve been asked a number of times if we offer chiropractic “retargeting ads (TM)”, and if they are effective?  In this post I’ll do my best to explain this topic.

Now I don’t work for Chiro360 so my information here is just my own personal opinion, but from what I can tell “retargeting ads (TM)”  is pretty similar to Google Adwords Re-marketing.  (Click Here to Visit Google Page About This)  If I’m wrong about that then I’m happy to make an adjustment to this blog post, but it’s pretty common for website companies to put a different name on a Google Product.

Assuming it is the same thing or similar I’m a big fan of this Google product.  It gives you the ability to follow up with potential new patient that visited your website.  What most doctors don’t realize is that there are hundreds of potential clients looking at their website each month.

People are landing on their website, looking around a bit, and then moving on with their day.  The doctor doesn’t realize they were there, and there’s no way to talk to that potential new business.  What if you could continue to market to them?

Re-marketing allows you to do just that.  When a potential new client leaves your website they leave with some cookies in their browser.  Once you’ve collected that information you have the ability though Google Remarketing to show them display ads on hundreds of different sites.

Have you ever noticed that when you visit certain websites you start seeing their ads everywhere?  It’s probably because they are tracking you and remarketing to you.  It’s a great way to stay in front of new business, and it’s a great way to focus your advertising dollars.  With this form of advertising you are only marketing to the people that were interested in you to start with.

Should You Do Chiropractic Remarketing?

I’m a big fan of following up with people that were potentially interested in your services.  This is a low cost way to follow up with potential leads.  I’m not sure why any office would not want to implement a system that can do that.  As a point of caution I would tell you that if you are confused about a service look to Google.  Complex online systems like this are usually a Google product and if you have the knowledge to realize this you can save some money.  Knowledge is power and I try to do my best to educate chiropractors on how to improve their online marketing and spending.

Remarketing is a complex system.  Something far too big for any online marketing company like ours to be able to afford to create.  It is however something that I could rename and trademark.  At Inception we work to be completely transparent with our clients.  We have nothing to hide and if we are using a Google service then I’ll tell that.
If you have any other questions shoot me an email.  I’m always happy to share my thoughts.

On a side not you should really check out “Chiropractic Websites 101” to learn more about how to maximize your online efforts.

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