Chiropractic Reviews: Do Not Fake Them

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

The chiropractic profession is sinking in fake chiropractic reviews. All you need to do is search the term “chiropractor” in any major city you will come across at least two chiropractors that compose fake reviews for themselves or trade reviews with other doctors. These actions are corrupt, unprofessional and a plague upon the profession. It is not our intent to point fingers, but we will bring to light corrupt behavior when it is confirmed to be present.  There are currently several big name chiropractic marketing firms that encourage fake review writing and have even gone as far as creating communities in which members can exchange fake reviews to post on their sites.

This is a widespread issue that affects everyone. Unprofessional and corrupt chiropractors partaking in this unethical behavior are unfortunately using the reviews to obtain the most online visibility. Because they are getting the most traffic on their site they are getting many patients through the door.  The patients are receiving poor service and poor care.  This poor standard of service becomes the norm in the minds of those receiving it and they begin spreading the word that chiropractic care is worthless and the doctors providing it are “quacks”.

Today Google has moved beyond the point where this can be effectively done.  Chiropractors that had double digit reviews have dropped down to having just a few.  The moral of the story is that if you are trying to cheat Google you are eventually going to lose.  They are simply too smart to fall for something as simple to spot as a fake review.

Instead of trying to cheat the system spend your time working on things you can do to bring value.  Put quality information on the web and you will be rewarded in the end.

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