Chiropractic Website Design

Chiropractic Website Design

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

Does the design of your chiropractic website really matter?  This is a question that most chiropractors don’t really think about, and I know because I used to practice just like you do.  I called my friends to see what they had and put up a big box website.  It looked pretty, but I can say that it never generated any new patients for me.  So may be the design of the website really doesn’t matter that much?

The truth is usually somewhere in the middle and that’s the case here.  The look of the website is important because it represents your office, but ultimately the function of the website is much more important.  I’ve listed a few things in this post that I think are critical for any chiropractic website to contain.

First, the website must have a call to action.  In other words there must be a coupon or something that would make a new patient take action to come into your office.  This coupon or offer must be above the fold on your website.  Meaning it must be visible right when a potential client comes to your website.  It has to draw their attention quickly, and be easy to understand.

Second, why not make the website look amazing.  It is very possible to have an awesome looking website that still has exceptional function.  In the world of chiropractic websites this is usually not the case.  You usually get nice looking with terrible function, or you get decent function with a terrible look.  At Inception we accomplish both.

Finally, is it really necessary to have 85 pages of content about chiropractic information?  I’m here to say that after doing quite a bit of research on this topic, your patients just don’t care about all those pages.  They don’t take the time to read them and I don’t blame them.  It’s pretty boring.  If you’re looking for patients to plug in try using video.

Now I’m not against patient education (I’m a huge fan of it), but it needs to be done in the office.  Use your website as a tool to bring patients to your office so that you can educate them on the amazing benefits of chiropractic care.  Let us help you be the leader in your community.

By Mike Hamilton

Chiropractors Average 80 New Patients Each Month

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