Chiropractic Website Load Speed?

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

One of the topics that very few chiropractors think about is website load speed.  This is the time it takes for your website to come up on the screen when someone clicks on your link.  It includes how fast it loads on a desktop computer, but also on mobile devices.

The majority of chiropractic websites on the market today load very slowly.  We believe that Google wants to see a time of four seconds or less.  We also know that consumers will leave a website that is loading too slowly.  With rank and customers at stake it seems pretty important to have your website load as quickly as possible.

Things That Causes a Site to Load Slowly:

  • Having a slow hosting provider
  • Out of date code on your website
  • Failure to compress your website
  • Flash animation

One of the struggles we have at Inception Chiropractic Websites is how to keep load speed up and satisfy our customers.  Customers love flashy looking websites with lots of features in them.  Features such as cool pictures, videos, social media displays, etc.  Some of the things I’ve listed here can really make your website look impressive, but they come with a cost.  The more things that have to load up on your site the slower it loads.

It’s important for websites to look impressive, but it’s also important to give people what they are looking for quickly.  If you have the most impressive website on the internet, but people have to wait fifteen seconds for it to load you’re out of luck.  By the time your site loads your potential patient will have moved on to the next provider in the list.

At Inception we work hard to merge style and function together.  We expect our websites to be cutting edge, but we also expect them to perform.  Our chiropractic clients expect the best and we intend to deliver the best.

If you have questions about your website load speed give me a call today.  I can run a test to tell you where you’re currently at.  If things are running slowly I can help you make a plan to get your office back in the running.

By Mike Hamilton

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