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Last Updated: June 24, 2019

At Inception it’s our goal to offer the best chiropractic website services.  We focus on providing services that produce for our clients, and we stay away from services that don’t live up to their hype.  This article will walk you through the services we offer and some of the services that we don’t think deliver.

Also, if you want to have a full in-depth understanding of what your chiropractic website should contain please take a look at this article:  Chiropractic Websites 101

Conversion Optimized Website

They key to any chiropractic website service is having a conversion optimized website.  What this means is that your website must be designed to generate new patients.  Most of us bought into the idea that our websites could be used for patient education, but it just didn’t work.  The main purpose of your website should be to impress potential new patients and show them that you are the best choice for them to make.  At Inception we consider this to be one of our key chiropractic website services.  We’ve spent thousands of hours figuring out what makes people buy, and all of our websites incorporate this knowledge.  We are constantly upgrading our design to make sure our clients are at the cutting edge.

Social Media Creation and Management

Social media creation and management is a website service that is unique to the program at Inception.  There are certainly companies that do social media work, but I don’t believe you will find one that will create custom backgrounds for your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google My Business pages.  In addition to this we spend the time to fully set up your Google My Business page.  We go to the finest detail to make sure you outpace the competition.

Our clients also enjoy a library of social media posts.  We work hard to find interesting recipes, inspiration quotes, and other posting material that your patient base will love and respond to.  Our detailed social media setup and posting could be sold as an expensive website service all by itself, but all of our clients enjoy this as a part of their program.

Search Engine Optimization

Our strongest chiropractic website service at Inception is our knowledge and understanding of SEO or search engine optimization.  It takes a great deal of time and energy to keep up with what Google is doing on a daily and weekly basis.  Our team dedicates at least one hour every day to the study of this topic.  When changes happen we are the first to react.  In the majority of cases our clients see an immediate jump in rank just from putting up one of our highly optimized websites.

Reputation Marketing

Have you looked at your online reputation lately?  I’ve met a number of chiropractors that have had some significant damage done to their practice by a patient who left a poor review.  Ask yourself if you would want to see a chiropractor that had one or two poor reviews?  The unfortunate thing is that the happy patients don’t take the time to write reviews.  Our team at Inception will help you to create a strategy to boost your positive reviews.

Google Adwords PPC

Google Adwords is an optional service that we offer.  The problem with Adwords is that it’s not effective in every city.  It all comes down to ROI.  If you can spend $200 and you get five extra new patients then it’s probably worth it, but if you spend $800 and you get one it’s probably not.  There are clients that we have that do very well with Adwords and some that have had very poor results because of their location.

At Inception we don’t feel that you should be forced to do this form of advertising.  We don’t need to rely on paid ads because we are very successful in our organic rank building efforts.  We encourage most clients to try running ads for one month.  At the end of that time we sit down and evaluate whether it’s worth continuing or not.  There’s no need to waste money on something that doesn’t return a profit to you.

Spinning Spines?

I think we’ve all seen the spinning spine or some of the other gadgets that have been produced.  They’re really cool, but do potential new patients use them?  I personally had a website for three years that had one and I can’t say that I ever had a patient tell me they saw it or that they liked it.  That same website also produced a total of 3 new patients in three years so I guess I didn’t have much data to go from.

The reality with this stuff is that patients don’t care.  From the research I’ve done I can tell you that patients will give your website about 5 seconds.

  • They will look at what they can see when the first land on the site.
  • They will not roll down to look at your homepage.
  • They might look at your about us page.
  • They might look at your testimonials.
  • They take action if they are given a reason to.
  • If they can’t find your contact info and phone number in seconds they will leave.


As a fellow chiropractor I fully understand what it takes to run a practice and how often chiropractors get sold into programs that don’t live up to the hype.  My wife and I started Inception because we knew that we could offer the highest quality service and a reasonable price.  We also went a few steps further:

  • We don’t have a time commitment contract.
  • We work with one chiropractor in each city.
  • We personally do and oversee all the work.
  • We don’t have a setup fee.
  • Custom work is no problem for us. (Weight loss, Personal Injury, Headaches, Neuropathy, Integrated Office) … we can do it all.
  • Your new website can be up in one week with little to no work on your end.

If you have any questions about what we can do for your office please give me a call personally.  We can talk briefly about what your practice needs are and develop a plan to take you to the top.

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