Chiropractic Websites: What Patients Are Looking For

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

What are patients looking for when they begin searching your chiropractic website? They want to form an opinion as to whether the feel your site is a legitimate source of information or a waste of time. Chiropractic care deals with many varying philosophical points of view and the information your site contains must be portrayed in a sincere manner.  As a professional it is up to you to provide them with an incentive to continue reading and understanding your perspective. To capture your audience’s attention there are certain things you should place your focus upon.

Content is one of the most critical areas for chiropractic websites to focus on.  Your site needs to have adequate information and statistics to answer potential questions, but it also has to keep Google happy.

Be sure to list your education and the levels of expertise you have attained through the combination of education and practice experience.   Experience equals credibility in the minds of your readers.

Use statistics to substantiate your content.  Your readers, potential patients, need to understand why the care you offer is effective and why your clinic successfully provides this care.  Everyone can relate to numbers, use them.

You want to attract your target market. Let readers know the services your office provides and educate them through your explanations of the services.  A concise, instructive explanation will help your readers make their decision to begin care with you.

People visit various sites because they want to be able to interact with the professionals in whatever field they are researching.  They have questions they want answered.  These people are far more likely to become a patient if you can impart your knowledge to them and help them to see the importance of the service you offer.

Passive availability is very important when your patients or potential patients have questions.  A website is a great way to have a means of keeping in contact with them whether you are actually available or not.  They can look for your answers to their questions by looking at the information you have personally provided online.

Be sure the feedback you provide to your online audience is professional and courteous in nature.  Rest assured it is being dissected by those reading your site.  The manner in which you answer questions can either create cultivate a sense of community or destroy your image, it is your choice.

It is evident there are many aspects that potential patients are looking for when they land on your website.  Your information and response to feedback and questions are critical to ensuring the overall health and success of your practice.

By Mike Hamilton

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