Choose Your Chiropractic Website Domain Name Wisely

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

In time, regardless of how long you have been practicing, you will want to establish a chiropractic website to help you bring in new patients. Your domain name, essentially the address/name of your website is likely the first thing potential patients see; think through your choice thoroughly.
You need to choose the most applicable domain name for your office, even before you move forward creating your chiropractic website. It will be important that you keep your domain name short and to the point, related to your practice and the town you practice in.  By incorporating your hometown in the domain name users will see you as the primary chiropractic source in your geographic area.

Quite often chiropractors think their website needs an excessively explanatory name. It turns out this is far from the case.  Your domain should not be a sentence like, “the most amazing chiropractor in”…this truly sounds ridiculous!  What it should be is something like “”.  It would be more likely to stay in the minds of potential patients.

Google also came out recently and said that here may be penalties given to websites with exact match keyword domains.  Now, the penalty only applies if you have a poor quality website, but they also said that those domains to not give you any special treatment.  From my experience I would say that those domains do still bring some extra authority to your website.

Keep in mind there are thousands of chiropractors out there and a vast majority of them are battling for domain names throughout the country.  Unfortunately, if you practice in a town with a common name you might be too late to snag your ideal name, but be creative and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

By Mike Hamilton

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