Content Marketing For Chiropractic Websites

Last Updated: June 26, 2019

Content marketing for chiropractic websites has always been a good way to improve your online results.  It’s also the new buzzword that’s being thrown around by marketing companies, and most doctors I speak to don’t understand what it’s all about.  In this article I’m going to briefly break this topic down and how you can use this form of marketing to generate more new chiropractic patients.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is simply what I’m doing right now.  It’s producing written or video content that can be placed on your blog or possibly an article directory.  The goal of this work is to educate your potential new clients on the services you offer or the problems you can help them with.  The more high quality content you put out there the better chance you have at being found.

From an SEO or search engine optimization standpoint content marketing is very helpful.  You see Google is looking to promote information that comes from trusted authority sources.  The more great content you produce the more authority Google will give you.  If Google can see that people are reading and watching your content it helps even more.

The other way chiropractic content marketing helps you is that it is a great way to build back links to your website.  Let’s say you’re writing an article about back pain tips.  If you have an article related to back pain on your website you can link your blog post to it.  In Google’s eyes this shows them that there are now two articles related to back pain that you’ve produced and one of them is linking to another.  Put simply, the first article that is receiving the link from the second article now gets a little boost in strength.

Writing two articles won’t win the battle, but imagine if you apply this principal with dozens of articles.  You write one master article on back pain and then you write a dozen more articles on variations of that term.  Each time you post one of your variations you link it to the master article.  Put some time into this process and I guarantee you will rank well for the terms that are important to your office.

Content Marketing from Inception

At Inception we apply the principals of content marketing to all of our websites.  The high quality content that comes with our websites along with regular blog posting and video creation that we do, gives you every advantage in your city.

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