DOT Physical Websites

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

DOT physicals have been a part of many chiropractic offices for years.  It can be a great way to bring extra income into your practice, provide a needed service to the community, and meet potential new patients.  Having a website designed specifically for this can significantly increase the number of patients that find your office.

Mistakes to Avoid with DOT Website Companies

The first mistake to avoid with DOT website companies is choosing a provider that does not understand SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  If you are going to have a website you want people to find it.  Our team at Inception Websites fully understands what it takes to make your website show up when people are looking for your services.  Every company claims to be good at this so you have to look at results.  Ask us to show you some of the work we have done for clients that we work with today.

The second mistake you will want to avoid is working with a provider that does not have a marketing background.  It’s one thing to have a website and another to have a website that encourages a potential client to take action.  Having a clean design with a clear call to action is critical.

The majority of websites today are cluttered with far too much information.  The purpose of your website is to get a potential new client to take action, not to educate them about all the things you think are important.  Patients want to know that you have a professional organization, they want to know that you look like an honest person, and if you have an offer of some kind it’s even better.

If you are certified to perform DOT physicals then the team here at Inception can help you take your practice to the next level.  Call us today to learn how we can help you boost your practice.

By Mike Hamilton

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