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Last Updated: May 6, 2019

For many years I have been one of the few chiropractic marketing experts that did not recommend Chiropractic Facebook Advertising.  There was a ton of hype out there about it, but I wasn't seeing anyone having real success.  Sure there were a few flash in the pan success stories, but they couldn't keep it going for more than a handful of months before it burned out.



About a year ago I started hearing rumors of increased success.  Suddenly young Facebook Ads salesmen were popping up everywhere.  I was getting calls from clients daily telling me they just got called by a Facebook Advertiser that would work for free for the first week or two.  All they had to do was pay for the ads.

This was happening so frequently that it was clear that the ever growing mass of salesmen were coming from some original source.  What we've pieced together is that the original source is someone in Florida that figured out a slightly better way to run Facebook Ads.

Here's the Typical Facebook System They Sell:

  • They run an ad giving away some kind of voucher deal for free consultation, exam, and x-rays.
  • They also include a few pictures in the ad of the doctor and the doctor standing with patients.
  • If the ad is clicked it takes the person to a landing page which shows them there are only a few vouchers left.
  • If they drop their name and email in they go to a thank you page that tells them to call you before the vouchers run out.

That's pretty much the just of it.  For this service the managers were charging anywhere from $750 per month to $2500 per month just to manage the account.  The doctor had to pay for $600 to $900 dollars of ads on top of that.  Conveniently they sell it as a bulk thing where you have no idea how much is going to the manager and how much is put towards ads.

The Problem With Their Facebook Advertising System

The problem with this type of Facebook advertising system is that it burns out.  You can only tell the people in your city that you're doing a special voucher giveaway so many times before you become just another car salesmen.  We find that most people using this type of Facebook Ad will experience serious burnout within a few months of starting.

The Solution to Facebook Ads

If this deal giveaway offer on Facebook doesn't keep working then what will?  The answer to that is something that most offices are unwilling to work on.  If you're going to have long term success then you have to have some emotion or feeling in your ads.  You have to do what I used to do with print ads to explode my practice.  You need testimonial ads.

A really well done video testimonial ad brings feeling and emotion to your offer.  That kind of ad makes you look like the local hero instead of the local car salesman.  This form of advertising will not burn out as you should have an endless supply of new stories from the patients you currently have.

The problem with doing video testimonial ads is that the office has to implement a system to gather the needed information.  Every company that does Facebook ads for you uses a generic deal offer because that's what's easy to do.  They can use the same one for every client.  A system that would require the doctor to send the manager a bunch of video content is very time consuming and would get very expensive for the manager.  There's a reason they don't mention this idea to you.

So What Do You Do?

Here at Inception we offer clients to options for Facebook Advertising.  The first option is the same discount deal offer that every salesman out there is selling.  The difference is that we charge a fraction of what they are to manage the ads for you.  The second option is that you can work on implementing a testimonial ad system with us.  Our team will help you understand what you need to do to make yourself the Facebook all star in your city.

You're going to have to do a little work to do this.  You won't be able to just open your pocket book up, but if you put the time in you'll see amazing benefits in my opinion.

Feel free to give us a call if you have questions.

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