Google Glass For Chiropractic Marketing?

Last Updated: June 26, 2019

Google Glass looks to be one of the new changes that will effect chiropractic marketing in the future.  With this release Google is attempting to start moving your online experience away from your PC or your smart phone.  The experience is meant to allow you to move though your normal day with the ability to keep up with the latest information and communication you need to do.

The special glasses allow you to have a visual display right in front of your eyes along with the ability to send text messages, and do search via voice recognition.  It’s clear that this type of technology is going to give users even more access to the world at large.  You won’t even have to take the time to grab your phone to do search anymore. Your glasses will do it for you with speech recognition.

The first versions of this new product are being dispersed by lottery to developers.  There are certainly going to be plenty of bugs to work out, but I believe that this type of technology will be a game changer as time goes on.  Patients will be able to very quickly and easily access the internet to do local searches without applying much effort at all.  If you weren’t sure that your online presence was important before I hope that you see that it will be the most important thing in the future.

How Much Does Google Glass Cost?

The current cost of Google Glass is $1500.  Unless you have money to burn I wouldn’t suggest making the purchase right now.  As with any new technology I’m sure we will see the function of this item get better and the cost will get lower.

The important thing to remember is that only 4 or 5 chiropractors in each city will be successful online.  Those that are successful will be the doctors that invested in this area early with a team that knows how to get the job done.

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