Guest Posting For Chiropractic Websites

Last Updated: June 24, 2019

Guest posting has long been a good way to build links to your chiropractic website, but in today’s SEO environment it’s become even more important.  With all the changes that Google has put in place it’s become difficult to find good places to get high quality backlinks.  In this post I’ll break down what the changes in SEO have been and how you can use chiropractic guest posting to boost your website rank.

The Old Landscape of Chiropractic SEO

Many years ago Google rose to prominence by being the best at serving up quality search results.  They started to rank websites by looking at how many links were coming into them from other sites.  Google in essence created a popularity contest.  The more links you have coming into your website the higher you would rank.

It didn’t take long for people to figure out that if they could build lots of backlinks to their website they could game the search results.  Thousands of people became millionaires by boosting their site to the top of the search results for terms that allowed them to sell products.  There was a sort of gold rush that happened, but things came to a crashing halt about two years ago.

Google always updates their search algorithm, but about two years ago they started to implement significant changes is how they look at backlinks.  Any website that was found to be gaming the system was penalized or filtered and websites with cleaner profile moved to the top.  The SEO community was left scratching their head for a while, but today the landscape of what you need to do is pretty clear.

Why Guest Posting Works?

With the changes Google made they frowned upon any easy to get link sources.  Things such as forum profiles, social book marks, and spammy blog networks suddenly had a negative effect.  Today Google is looking much more at the quality of your links then they are at the quantity of your links.  Guest posts fit into this quality area very well in most cases.

Here’s another post on this topic with some warnings.

Guest posting means pretty much what it says.  You do a post on a friend or colleagues’ website that has a link pointing back to your main site.  The more powerful their website is the stronger the link will be for you.

The problem with guest posting is that it’s difficult to find places to do guest posts.  Most website owners are not willing to allow you to add content to their site.  In addition to this you need to do your posts on related sites.  If you are in the chiropractic field then your post should be on another chiropractic website or at least a health related site.

If you’re looking for place to do some posts get in touch with us.  It’s a great thing to add content to some of our clients websites.

If you would like more information about SEO for your website please take a look at this article I wrote.

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