Improve Your Chiropractic Social Media Results

Last Updated: June 24, 2019

If you are looking to improve you chiropractic social media results you’re in for a tough battle.  While I understand that there are a number of salesmen out there claiming that social media marketing is the key to new patients I personally have not seen the same results.  In this article I’m going to explain what the problems with social media are and what you have to do to overcome them.  You can win in this area, but you need to understand that it’s not going to be easy.

The Problem with Social Media for New Patients

Yes there are potentially thousands of patients in your area that are using social media, but how do you reach them?  What most doctors fail to understand is that just posting into your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts is a waste of time unless you have hundreds or thousands of people listening.  So let me ask you, how many people from your local community are following you on Twitter?  How many local people have liked your Facebook page?  If you’re like most chiropractic offices the answer will be close to zero.

Is the light starting to come on now?  If you don’t have people listening to you it’s as though you are talking in an empty auditorium.  There’s not much point in putting all that time into something that is not going to produce.

How to Make Social Media Work for Your Office

If you are going to make social media work for your office you’re going to have to put your time in.  You or a staff member are going to have to work on a daily basis to grow your profiles and add content.  There is not a single chiropractic marketing company that does social media marketing that will add local people to your profiles for you.  They are happy to do canned posts for you, but they neglect to tell you that there’s nobody listening.  Save your $400 per month and have a good staff person build your system.

At Inception we can help to train your staff to become social media all-stars.  If you can give them 20 to 30 minutes per day we can train them to build an incredible system for you.  A social media system that can actually produce new patients for you on a weekly basis.

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