Increase Your Chiropractic Video Testimonials

Last Updated: June 25, 2019

Video is quickly becoming the best way to communicate with potential new patients online and it should be a part of your overall chiropractic marketing plan.  At Inception we’ve found that chiropractic video testimonials are the best way to show people the results they can expect.  In this article I’m going to break down the best way to generate hundreds of new testimonials videos for your clinic.

Most chiropractic offices are filled with happy patients.  Patients that are very willing to give their testimonial, but most offices never ask.  What we found in practice was that our doctors were often too shy to ask, but out staff was happy to do the job.

Before we started our morning shift we would have a staff meeting.  During that time we would talk about patients on the schedule that we wanted to ask for a testimonial.  Our staff would mark them down and when they came in that day our front desk staff would ask them in a low pressure way if they would be willing to help others by giving their testimonial.  The majority of patients would say yes and our staff would then walk with them to a room in the office where they would guide the patient though the process.

You’ll find that most patients are pretty shy and don’t know what to say.  Have your staff ask them a few questions to get the ball rolling.  I’ve given you a few example below:

    • What problems were you having before you came in to see us?
    • What has your experience been like here?
    • What would you tell someone else about our office?

What Equipment do you need for Testimonial Videos?

The equipment you need for testimonials videos can be very simple.  Find an inexpensive HD flip cam and a cheap $26 Audio Technica lavaliere microphone and you’re all set.  You can certainly spend more, but this equipment is more than adequate to get the job done.

Remember that picture quality is about having lots of lighting.  It’s a good idea to have an extra bright light in the area where you are filming, but don’t forget about sound.  Most people are ok with a low quality image if they can hear you well.  If your sound is scratchy the video is no good.

Train you staff, implement this process, and you’ll be amazed at how many testimonials you can collect.

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