Is Your Chiropractic Website Rank Dropping?

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

There have been a lot of chiropractic websites that have seen their rank drop lately. Google has really gone after websites that appear to have unnatural back link profiles. Chiropractors that have invested in companies that used low quality optimization practices are now seeing their top Google rank disappear.

What they don’t realize right now is that it will be very difficult to get that rank back. The problems on their site that caused them to drop in rank would need a significant amount of correction to come back up. It’s unlikely that the company that got them in trouble understands how to fix the problem at this point.

The Problem with Chiropractic Website Providers

The big problem with most chiropractic website providers is that they are really marketing people with little to no understanding of search engine optimization or website design. They sell you a website, promise you the world, and then outsource the work to someone else. That works great until the sky begins to fall.

You see if you didn’t build the site, and you didn’t optimize the site, you don’t know how to fix it when it breaks. The big problem today is that the outsourcers often don’t understand how to fix this issue either. Outsourcers have been gaming Google for years, but the old tactics don’t work anymore.

If you’ve seen a recent drop in your website rank, please give me a call. I can walk you through the issues on your current website and help you make a game plan to fix it. I’ll give you the knowledge you need to understand where the problems are so that you can protect yourself against this problem in the future.

I’ve seen so many people in chiropractic be taken advantage of by salesmen. Salesmen are always looking for the next sale. They usually don’t really care what they are selling as long as there’s a sale to be made. If you get thrown under the bus in the process it’s ok because they just move onto the next sale.

The Inception Chiropractic Websites Difference

At Inception we don’t outsource any of our work. We fully understand every step in the process, so we have no need to outsource your work to other providers. This gives us a great advantage when competing against other chiropractic website providers, but it also gives us the ability to keep our costs low. We don’t have to pay a middleman.

Give me a call if you would like me to help you out of the mess you’re in. I’m sure we can save you money each month, and bring your website back up to the top of the search results.

By Mike Hamilton

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