Keep Your Current Chiropractic Website Domain

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

Have you been thinking about changing your current chiropractic domain name?  Think twice as it plays a big part in your site’s search engine ranking.

Longevity and quality of domain names plays an important role in search engine ranking.  If you domain has been around for some time, and it has consistently had quality content, then the chances your site will experience a ranking boost are higher.  Additionally, keep in mind domains that contain popular and important keywords are given some priority.  However having a keyword in the domain is less important than it used to be because of search engine algorithm updates, but it still can’t hurt you if done correctly.  In fact, it might give you a slight edge over your competitors.

If you choose to change your domain name, you are starting from the ground up.  You will most likely see your rankings drop while your new chiropractic website is re-indexed by “bots” utilized by search engines.  What’s more you will have to work very diligently in terms of content and establishing quality links to make up for the loss in domain age (especially sites over two years of age), as it is an important aspect of ranking.

What We Recommend

We recommend not changing your domain unless you must.  If it is a matter of wanting a more appealing domain name, you should consider the option of forwarding that domain to your current site.  What will happen if someone types in the nicer sounding domain they will automatically be redirected to your current site.  By doing this you might get the best of both worlds, you get your nice new user friendly domain name, and you don’t have to build it from scratch because the hard work you put into your old domain is maintained.

The best approach is to stick with the domain name that you already have.  Starting over from scratch is usually more work than it’s worth and the loss of rank associated with it can lose your office a great deal of new patients.

By Mike Hamilton

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