Kraft Chiropractic Center

When it comes to creating the best chiropractic websites it's not so much what we like or dislike it's more about performance.  The Kraft Chiropractic Center website is one that will perform very well in 2019.  It has everything a patient needs front and center.

Overview of the Design

Our team at Inception does our best to guide new clients in their pictures for the website.  Dr. Kraft has an outstanding picture here.  He's a doctor that knows what he's doing and you can see that in his picture.  We also have supporting pages describing all the symptoms that Dr. Kraft helps patients with and an easy to see tab for patients.  A website should be easy to navigate and a good menu is key for that.

We could flood the top of the website with boxes and buttons, but simple is better.  There's no need to clutter up the design with unnecessary information.  If a new patient wants all the other info it's there for them, but it's not all in their face right away.

Use of Colors

The colors of this website are dictated by the photo of the doctor.  The colors look great and the call to action pops.  It's important that a new patient knows what to do if they want to become a patient.  This layout makes it easy for that to happen.

Analysis of Design Elements

The layout of the Kraft Chiropractic website follows what we know works at Inception.  The doctors picture is front and center with a concise statement and a call to action.  The phone number is also visible immediately.  The layout of the rest of the homepage and internal pages is appropriate and professional, but we also know very few people look at those areas of the website.  The top portion is by far the most important, and this chiropractic website nails it.

Marketing Aspect

Doctors often ask us about calls to action on websites.  It's really up to the office what they choose to use for a call to action.  Some doctors use "Schedule an Appointment" while others have some kind of offer.  We don't feel it matters as long as the new patient knows what to click on.  This website makes it easy for a patient to take action.

Image the Website Reflects

Our opinion is that this website reflects an image of strength, competence, and caring.  If you can help a potential new patient Know, Like, and Trust you when they land on your website then you're in good shape.  The Kraft website checks that box perfectly.

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