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Patient Connect

Benefits Of Using Patient Connect

  • 2 Way Text Appointment Reminders

    Texting is the fastest way to communicate with patients. Speed matters here.

  • Patient Reactivation

    With this system you will reduce the number of patients that disconnect. Improving your bottom line!

  • Automated Email Sequences

    Stay in touch with your patients without lifting a finger. This is the easy way to educate & nurture your patients.

The easiest way to improve your office's bottom line is to stop losing patients and keep them coming in for their appointments. Most offices are too busy to put an effective strategy in place or have the staff and time to make sure it is getting implemented properly.

Take a look below and find out how Patient Connect can change your office.

Patient Connect

Chiropractor and Patient Communication

It’s more important than ever to stay connected with your patients. Patient Connect covers all the bases for you. Is like having an extra employee that never sleeps.

We Can Connect To The Following EHR's

  • ACOM Health
  • Appointment Plus
  • Atlas
  • Autumn 8
  • Charm EHR
  • Chiro 8000
  • Chiro Fusion
  • Chiro Touch
  • Eclipse
  • Ez Bis
  • Genisis
  • Herfert
  • Innate
  • Inphase
  • InSync
  • Kareo
  • Lytec
  • MD-HQ
  • MedicFusion
  • Medisoft
  • Mind Body
  • My Practice Now
  • Office Ally
  • Optimantra
  • Seamless
  • SilkOne
  • Smart Cloud
  • Sunrise Solutions
  • Vericle
  • Versatile
  • VitaLogics
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