Chiropractic Marketing in 5 Easy Steps from a Top Marketing Expert

5 Tips To Make Your Chiropractic Marketing Easy In 2019

Chiropractic marketing is the Mount Everest of marketing challenges.  Roughly 10% of the population believes in the amazing work chiropractors do so reaching people can be quite difficult. 

On that note, Inception Online Marketing, a leading chiropractic marketing company shares 5 easy steps to marketing success.

Chiropractic Marketing Tip 1:  Conversion Optimized Website

Website for chiropractorsMost chiropractors have websites, but few have a conversion optimized website.  It’s not enough today to have a website that shares general information about a practice.  Doctors need to compel a potential new patient to act.

Every chiropractic website should have a clear call to action.  Something that is visible on each page as soon as a visitor lands there.  Failure to have one can mean a significant loss of business.



Chiropractic Marketing Tip 2:  Google Adwords Advertising

Google Adwords can be a great boost to a chiropractic marketing program.  The only issue with Adwords is the cost but most offices can generate a steady positive return. 

Looking at ads from nearby chiropractors is a great way to generate ideas for ads.  It’s also important to understand negative keywords.  Negative keywords stop ads from showing up for certain searches.  This can be critical to avoid spending money on clicks that do not produce new clients.

Chiropractic Marketing Tip 3: Internal Referrals

referral marketing for chiropractors Internal referrals tend to be the best new clients and they are the lowest cost to generate.  Handing out a simple card to clients every other month and asking them to give it to friends or family members can produce amazing results. 

The cards need to have a clear call to action and a time frame associated with it.  If those factors are in place an internal referral card system can be one of the most successful chiropractic marketing programs.


Chiropractic Marketing Tip 4: Online Reviews

Most new clients doing a Google search will select a provider that has good online reviews, but few offices have a plan in place to generate reviews.  Most clients won’t remember to leave a review on their own.  Offices that have large numbers of reviews online almost always have a strategy in place to increase their reviews. 

Chiropractic Marketing Tip 5:  The Good Old Stuff

Most doctors today focus on online marketing because it requires little effort, but the old tried and tested screenings, talks, print ads, and dinners are still effective.   A well-rounded chiropractic marketing program should include several offline marketing systems.  This helps to ensure a steady flow of new patients into the practice.