Remove A Negative Chiropractic Review

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time you’re bound to take on some bad reviews chiropractic reviews.  There are just those people out there that have that negative personality that pushes them to try to bring you down.  So what can you do about it when it happens?

Is it possible to have reviews taken down by Google or the other entities out there?  The quick answer to that question is no, at least for the most part.  Some websites will allow you to flag the review if you feel it was done by a competitor, but it’s usually up to the review website to make the final decision.

Sites such as Yelp can be very irritating because of their overall power.  If a negative review is posted there about you it can be almost impossible to cover up.  Yelp will often block positive reviews that come into your account that would help to improve your image if they feel you are gaming the system.  The problem I’ve experienced is that even when you’re not gaming the system they still won’t allow the positive reviews to stick.

There are a few suggestions I have to help you win this battle for your business.  Don’t go into this thinking you’re going to come out ahead.  Instead do your best to level the playing field to protect your image.

My first and most important suggestion is to get a lot of good reviews.  Come up with ways that you can get your patients to post reviews for you and make it a part of your chiropractic marketing plan.  If you have one or two bad reviews and 20 or 30 great reviews you’ll be fine.  Everyone understands that you are going to get a few bad reviews, but they also expect to see some positive comments.

My second tip is that if you feel that the bad review was done by a competitor you can try to flag the review.  This will often cause the review website to take a closer look and it can sometimes end up in your favor, but don’t hold your breath.  In my experience the reviews will usually stay up, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

My third suggestion is to respond to the negative review and offer your apologies.  You have to think about the type of person that would take time out of their day to write a negative review.  It’s the same person that will raise their voice at the front desk in your office to bring attention to themselves.  Basically the grown up cry baby that still pouts to get their way.

Review sites are filled with this type of person, and you can’t reason with them.  The best you can do is bow down and beg their forgiveness and offer them anything they want.  I know that’s not what any of us want to do, but it’s the only way that you may get them to rescind their destruction.  Push them the other way and you’re bound to have even more bad reviews from them.

I hope the thoughts here will be of some help to you in this process.  I’ve been through this in some of my businesses, and I can tell you that I took the wrong path.  I challenged the person and ended up in a deeper hole than I started in. Use your head and put your emotions behind you.  Run a great business and your patrons will always support you.

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By Mike Hamilton

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