Top 14 Chiropractic Website Companies


[2022 Update]

Finding a great chiropractic website can be tough.  I wrote this article on the top 14 chiropractic website companies to help doctors sift through the choices more quickly.

As a former practicing chiropractor, I understand how confusing internet marketing can be.  I hope this article saves you time and helps you avoid some of the common pitfalls.  All you have to do is click on one of the chiropractic website company logos below to learn more about them.

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Inception Online Marketing

A Full Service Solution to make you the Influencer in your Community.

Inception has successfully helped over 2000 chiropractors grow their practice. Our honest and insightful team works with doctors to create a plan that works for any office. Expert advice, industry leading services, and the most innovative ideas in one place.


  • Websites, Google Ads, and Social Media Ads in One Place
  • Complimentary Design Upgrades
  • Reputation Protection and Growth
  • Rockstar Support Team
  • Personalized Website Design
  • Tracking Dashboard
  • We Simplify and Perfect Online Marketing
  • Conversion Optimized Design & SEO

Step 1

The first step to online marketing success is having a personalized (conversion optimized) website. Your website needs to show people what it would be like to be a patient in your practice. It’s the central hub of everything you do online:

  • Mobile Optimized Responsive Designs
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Expert Level SEO (Our clients show up first)
  • Super-Fast Customer Service
  • Google Max

Step 2

Step 2 is maximizing your Google presence. Google Ads and our Smart Brand program ensure that anyone searching for a chiropractor will find you first:

  • Custom Radius around your Practice
  • Targeted Keywords from 10 Years of Experience
  • Monthly Reporting and Lead Tracking

The Community Influencer

The Influencer Program

The top offices in the country are influencing their community using Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. It’s time to move past all the generic giveaway offers.

  • Tik Tok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

At Inception, we understand how hard it can be to find people you can trust to give you good advice. From the beginning, we have been focused on providing the most accurate information to our clients.

We’d love to help you become our next success story.

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Chiropractic Marketing 360

As they state on their website: "Chiropractic Marketing 360® is the best marketing and website platform for chiropractors. Hands down, no other marketing solution, service or software does everything the Marketing 360® platform does. Marketing 360® is extremely affordable and has plans to fit any size budget or marketing area. Chiropractic Marketing 360® is a turnkey, fully managed solution. Work with a dedicated Marketing Executive who is a certified digital marketer for chiropractors. Generate more exclusive patients and sales with the software and services built within the Chiropractic Marketing 360® platform."

My Personal Opinion: Chiropractic Marketing 360 is one of the more expensive chiropractic website marketing providers in the chiropractic industry. Their website lists a number of different products that seem to be exclusive to them. The reality of most of those products is that they are new trademarked names for current products that you could buy on your own.

It is certainly legal for Chiropractic Marketing 360 to create new names for products like Google Adwords, or Google ReMarketing, but why would they do this? Is that name change there to help the consumer, or is it to create a more enticing system that can be priced higher? I'll leave that for you to decide, but at Inception I feel it is our obligation to be completely open with clients.

Chiropractic Marketing 360 is a branch of Marketing 360. Marketing 360 provides online services for around 60 different small business categories. Chiropractic appears to be one of their larger markets, and they appear to service around 90 chiropractic clinics.

You get the strong feeling on their website that Chiropractic Marketing 360 offers products that no one else in the industry offers. I don't see anything they offer that is not offered by multiple companies in the chiropractic website industry. They just seem to rename everything.


As stated on their website: "The ChiroPlanet Website Manager offers flexible, dynamic tools to connect with your patients. Create pages, upload forms, embed videos and more, through any internet connection, in real-time. No software to download, no need for a second degree in web design.

Add on the personalized touch of our newsletter, e-cards, appointment reminder and broadcast emailer services to maximize your marketing opportunities at a fraction of the cost charged by other companies!

And we provide unlimited support by real human beings, skilled in translating from jargon to English."

Features include: A powerful, intuitive website editor that allows you to control virtually every aspect of your site; The ability to create unlimited pages, new menu items, links and more from any web connection; Effortlessly link to Google Calendar; Easily create impressive, interactive photo galleries; Embed YouTube videos to your website with a few simple clicks; Upload new patient paperwork; Seamlessly integrates to Facebook and other social media sources; Integrates with third party blogs like WordPress and Blogger; Tons of professionally written chiropractic content, preloaded; Unlimited technical support.

My Personal Opinion: ChiroPlanet is one of the larger chiropractic website providers. With somewhere around 1,600 chiropractic clients, they provide a full array of online services. They do not list pricing on their website, but you can assume plans are somewhere from $80 up to $400 with a potential setup fee.

ChiroPlanet is one of the only chiropractic website companies that has a contract today. Their website boasts 4,000 chiropractic clients. My current records show closer to 1,500. They currently have most of their clients in a 3 year contract. This contract also renews for 1 year periods of time if the client does not tell them they are cancelling service before the end of the 3 year period. From what I've heard, clients have to sign a new 3 year agreement to be upgraded to new template styles.

I've heard from a number of clients that felt the customer service offered by ChiroPlanet was good. I feel that the lower-priced options that ChiroPlanet offers are a good value, but their 3 year contract outweighs the value. There are a number of other providers at this price range that have overall services that are just as good with no contract.

The contract at ChiroPlanet, as of my writing of this, is unbreakable. Clients domains are held by ChiroPlanet until the contract is completed or a prepayment is made. This can put offices in a difficult situation, and being the owner of a chiropractic website company myself, I can't see any reason a company in our market needs a long term contract.

At Inception we have new clients coming to us every month from many different providers. In general, that is a very easy transition process. I'm trying to be fair here, but it's hard to think of a client that has come to us from ChiroPlanet that has been easy. The exit system seems to be designed to create as much frustration for us, and their former client, as possible. This is unusual in our industry, and despite my reaching out personally to the man in charge, that process has continued to be difficult.

Here are some additional articles the support what I have experienced with Chiroplanet:

Chiroplanet Review by Mark Munter

This Review Mirrors What I Have Seen As Well

Be Careful of the Fine Print in the Contract Review

Here's a Number of Reviews from Previous Employees


As stated on their website: "ChiroHosting specializes in professional chiropractic websites that stand out from the crowd. Since 2000, we've been building powerful, state-of-the-art websites that will help you generate new clients, and build your practice.

Our service includes extensive customization, superhuman customer service, and access to some of the best marketing experts in the industry. You'll get to know us by name and we'll be there to help you succeed. That's what makes us different."

- Basic Service = $149
- Advanced Service = $299
- VIP Service = $699
- The service options also come with a 1 year contract.

My Personal Opinion: ChiroHosting for many years was one of the lowest cost chiropractic website providers. For years I felt their system was the best deal if you were looking for a low cost do-it-yourself option. Their staff was very helpful, and they did not have a contract.

Today ChiroHosting offers 3 different pricing options on their website. They also have a 1 year contract. The basic option has almost tripled in price today from what it used to be, and the most expensive option is priced at $699. In my opinion our clients paying $197 are receiving a service that is more detailed than the $699 option offered by ChiroHosting.

The reality of small business online marketing is that there are probably 3 real pricing levels. Level one is probably around $80 per month. Level 2 online marketing is probably around $197. When you go to a level 3 online program the cost would be $2500 to $5000 per month. When companies are charging $699 to $999 I have a hard time understanding what is being done there that is worth that much more money. I can produce the same results for a chiropractic clinic at $249 that I could do if I charged $699. At $2500 per month there's a great deal more that can be done, but in the chiropractic industry that's pretty much unaffordable for most offices.

Perfect Patients

As stated on their website: "The Perfect Patients website service delivers new patients. Our turnkey solution features gorgeous design and persuasive content that converts website traffic into more new patients. Perfect Patients is a collaborative effort between Steve Anson, the software expert from Australia, and Bill Esteb, the chiropractic content half from Colorado! Even though they are separated by the Pacific Ocean, they both share a passion for chiropractic."

My Personal Opinion: Perfect Patients is one of the largest chiropractic website providers with over 1600 clients. The plans of their current website in 2021 are not listed on the website.

Bill Esteb is a legend in the chiropractic education world. His products have helped tens of thousands of chiropractors. It was only natural that websites would become part of the products offered by his company.

After being very dormant for years Perfect Patients has come alive again.  In my opinion their new designs look very good.

In reading some of their latest information I can see that they have been reading mine.  Some of thing things I've been saying for years are written almost verbatim on their website today, and their new designs seem to mirror many of ours.

The staff and people that work at Perfect Patients seem to be great to work with.  I really consider Perfect Patients to be our main competition today.  It's good to have someone to push you.  We needed someone to push us.

Now You Know

As stated on their website: "Now You Know is a company "For Chiropractors, By Chiropractors". With NYK, this is not just a slogan. It is a mission! We are not a technology company, trying to adapt our services to sell to chiropractors. We are a chiropractic company that creates technology to help spread the chiropractic message."

My Personal Opinion: Now you Know was founded by Dr. Bobby Braile, a legend in the chiropractic profession. Now You Know started in the era of education websites. They provide a great deal of chiropractic content to their members to help aid in patient education.

I'm a big believer in patient education, and I did a great deal of it in my own practice, but I also know that it does not work inside of a chiropractic website. As much as chiropractors care about the content we are offering, it's generally not what the patients are interested in.

Now You Know has done a great deal of work to help students start their website while in school. I think that was a great marketing idea, but there are too many problems with it. The students don't really understand SEO so most of their work will be a waste. I applaud the idea, but I think the practical outcome is not the best for the future offices that will be supported by those websites.

Pricing information is not listed on the Now You Know website, but I believe it to be around $60 or $70 per month. I think this is very fair pricing based on what I can see, but I'm not a big fan of the website design. Obviously I'm biased in my opinion here, but there are some pretty nice designs available from other providers at close to the same price.


As stated on their website: "Chirobuilt will develop and design an agency grade website that is branded to your services and clinic. You will be assigned a web designer who will guide you through the entire process. Listening to your opinions so we can create a website that represents your Chiropractic office and Brand."

My Personal Opinion: Chirobuilt has recently upgraded their designs and offerings. I am not fully aware of their pricing, but I would say they are not the cheapest or the most expensive. Chirobuilt appears to have somewhere around 240 chiropractic clients. I don't know much about this company, and I have had fairly little interaction with them.


As stated on their website: "ChiroMatrix is the leader in chiropractic web marketing services! We deliver on this claim by offering forward thinking website designs, content, and marketing technology. Browse our demo site and contact us today to learn how your practice will benefit from ChiroMatrix chiropractic marketing services!"

My Personal Opinion: ChiroMatrix is the largest website provider in the chiropractic industry. I was one of the many thousands of chiropractors that jumped on this new website design many years ago. The original owners of Chiromatrix were designing websites that were way ahead of the rest of the field, and they quickly became the largest provider in industry.

With massive growth comes customer service problems. I know I left the ChiroMatrix system 1 year into my 3 year contract because almost every chiropractor in Green Bay, WI had the same design I had. I started doing my own work, and quickly achieved the number one ranking website in my city.

Today ChiroMatrix is owned by Internet Brands (The same company that also bought Online Chiro). This global website giant has in my opinion improved the website designs as well as the SEO offered by ChiroMatrix. Pricing is not listed on the website, but clients generally pay between $80 and $1500 per month for the top end dominator program. In my opinion, the dominator program is worth about $200, and may be one of the worst examples of overpricing that exists in the chiropractic field.

Overall I feel that the ChiroMatrix $80 to $99 websites are a great deal. You have to do most of the work, and you will have people in your community with the same website design, but for the price it's a pretty good system.

In conclusion I would choose this provider is you are looking for a low cost option.  If you're looking for higher end design and services I feel there are better options than the fairly expensive upper packages offered by ChiroMatrix.

Online Chiro

As stated on their website: "Online Chiro provides an end to end marketing solution for chiropractic practices. Our one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs is based on a low cost, high value, subscription offering with no contract and no setup fee. We specialize in web design, ecommunications, social media, search engine optimization and overall online marketing for your practice. Our team has over 10 years of experience with online marketing and a concentrated focus on driving local business to your website. We're always here to help and willing to spend the necessary time to get your business the online exposure it deserves!"

My Personal Opinion: For many years Online Chiro was the discount website provider. They offered a basic option at around $40 or $50 dollars, and a Gold option at around $99. Today Online Chiro has been purchased by Internet Brands (The same company that bought Chiromatrix). With this change there are now a number of different pricing options. As any successful large company knows, it's better to offer lots of choices to see what someone might be willing to pay for.

In my many years of online marketing, I have found that it is rare to see an Online Chiro website ranking well. They were a good option for someone looking for the lowest pricing possible, but today those same websites are being promoted as the best of the best.

One of their salesman recently convinced a client of mine that we had terrible SEO on our website. The client called yelling at me even though we had taken him from position 59 to position 2 for his primary keywords. Within 2 weeks of changing systems his website rank had nearly dropped off the first page.

I'm telling this story because it demonstrates how easily an unknowing client can be fooled. When you call a website company you will generally be speaking to a commission salesman.  A salesperson that is selling something they didn't build and don't fully understand.

Chiropractic Marketing Websites

As stated on their website: "Chiropractic Marketing Websites was founded in 2012 by chiropractor and entrepreneur, Patrick MacNamara. After years of speaking at conferences around the United States, he realized that most chiropractors weren’t implementing the things he taught that would help them dominate their local markets for chiropractic through the use of the Internet.

Out of this epiphany, he worked tirelessly for two years to build a system that would not only automate Internet marketing for chiropractors but would also easily scale no matter how many chiropractors joined. Once completed, CMW was born and has been an amazing success for hundreds of chiropractors ever since! Its system completely takes the frustration out of Internet marketing that most chiropractors complain about."

My Personal Opinion: I am unaware of the number of clients that use the Chiropractic Marketing Websites system. Dr. MacNamara seems to be a very good guy, and from what I gather there are a number of different pricing options.

Optimized 360

As stated on their website: "Optimized360 is a leading internet marketing firm for dentists, physicians and other healthcare professionals in the U.S. and Canada. We’ve developed a unique formula that produces effective and efficient web presence solutions for doctors of all specialties."

My Personal Opinion: When Optimized 360 came into the market their website looked very similar to Chiropractic Marketing 360's website. I had assumed that a few employees had broken off from Chiropractic Marketing 360 to start a new company. That's a total guess by me, but their designs were very similar.

Today Optimized 360 has a totally new design, and their claim to fame is that they will build you a custom design.  The problem I see is that their custom designs look very similar to website templates offered by other companies.  One of their designs looked almost like a copy of a website originally created by Chiroplanet.

There is apparently a pretty large up front fee for the website design and some options of monthly cost after that.

As stated on their website: "At, we have been creating web sites since 2000, specifically for Chiropractors. We currently have over 100 pages of content for everyone to read and enjoy. You receive a web site designed by a Chiropractor – I know what patients want from a web site. Each day I talk to patients and people and I continue to update the health library at to answer the real questions people have!"

My Personal Opinion: I don't know a great deal about Chirowebs. The owner is a chiropractor like myself, but unlike myself he is still practicing. For me it would be impossible to do both, but it also depends how many clients you are working with, and what services you are providing to them.

Chirowebs says that they do not use templates. When I look at the websites they appear to be WordPress templates that were purchased and revised for the clients. They do appear to be unique designs, but there is a larger upfront fee to build the site. After that initial cost the monthly cost appears to be very low. At the current pricing it would be difficult to provide much service once the website is up and running.


As stated on their website: "Behind every exceptional product in healthcare is the right team of people bringing it to life. A blend of experiences that drives innovation, and establishes a company’s depth of knowledge, diversity of thought, and empathy for the customer.

At PatentPop, we’ve lived this philosophy since our inception. Now, our team of 400 people (and growing each week) is a collaboration of experienced healthcare executives and experts from across industries. All dedicated to bringing brilliance to providers, so they can thrive amid today’s challenges and tomorrow’s ever-changing trends."

My Personal Opinion:The majority of website companies in the chiropractic field start small and slowly grow as they provide value to the profession. PatientPop started in the medical field with millions of dollars of seed capital. The owners we not internet marketing experts but were experts at building businesses. They used their enormous capital to purchase people from other companies that had experience with internet marketing, and they were off to the races.

PatientPop grew very quickly. Their salesmen are very well trained and very persistent. Their promises to clients seem to have no limit and that backfired. When they first came into the chiropractic field their had no time commitment contract or it was very short. As they started losing clients, they moved to a six-month contract and now I believe it’s up to one year.

As a successful business owner in this area I see that they have a few problems. The first problem they have is the overpromised sales pitch. Their salesmen are working on commission which leads them to push the boundaries to make a sale. I’d rather be clear and honest with a new client so I’m not digging myself out of a hole later.

Problem number two is their pricing. They are charging a hefty monthly cost for something that is no better than companies charging 1/4 of their price. Overpromising and overcharging leads to mass exodus of clients which is why I believe they now have such long contracts.

I don’t think PatietPop is a bad company, but you’re paying far too much to work with them. We can offer the same services (and in my opinion better services) at a fraction of the cost. We’ve kept our growth and overhead under control and that allows us to produce the highest quality product in the industry at a much lower cost.

While they started with a bang, PatientPop is slowly disappearing from the chiropractic field. They simply couldn’t live up to their promises and their elevated cost. It might work in other fields, but chiropractors are savvy business owners.

In Conclusion

I hope this information has been helpful. As a former practicing chiropractor I know how difficult it can be to run a practice and keep up with all the marketing. Most chiropractors are throwing darts with their eyes closed when it comes to choosing a website provider.

Take a look at this marketing advice I give away for free, or contact us today to see how we can help you take your business to the next level.