Top 4 Chiropractic Digital Marketing Strategies 2018

chiropractic digital marketing strategies

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Digital marketing for chiropractors can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. The strategies that work are actually pretty easy to understand. This article will help to pull back the curtains on some of the nonsense that's out there. The more you understand the world of digital marketing the less chance you have of being taken advantage of. Let's get to work.

Tip #1: Chiropractic Websites for Digital Marketing
The cornerstone of any chiropractic digital marketing campaign must be your website. I know there are salesmen out there that will tell you that you don't need a website anymore, but that's because they don't offer websites. The last thing they want is to have you working with another company.

There are three steps to success with your website. I’ll walk you through them here.

Step 1 in having a great chiropractic website is simplicity. You don't need to show new patients everything you can do for them in the first five seconds. Your goal in the first five to ten seconds should be to make the patient feel comfortable. They need to see who you are and what your office looks like. They might eventually want to know about your services, but you must start with making them comfortable with you and the office first.

Step 2 in having a great website is having a clear call to action. I don't think it matters what you're call to action is, but it has to be easy to see. You need to understand that you have about five seconds to catch their attention on the homepage. The call to action must be immediately visible and should have very limited text.

Step 3 for your chiropractic digital marketing efforts is outstanding SEO or search engine optimization. If you're not ranking at the top of the search results in your city, then no one is going to find you. SEO is a difficult topic because every company will tell you they are the best at it. I would look at who's ranking well for the toughest terms in the chiropractic profession. Right now, Inception has the top 3 organic positions for "chiropractic marketing" and the top 2 organic positions for "chiropractic websites". If the company you're talking to about SEO isn't ranking, then that should raise some red flags.

Tip #2: chiropractic Google Ads for Digital Marketing
Google AdWords is one of the best kept secrets in digital marketing for chiropractors. Years ago, doctors were having success, but that success faded. Most doctors gave up on AdWords, but a few years ago Google made some changes. Since that time AdWords has been working very well. It's something we see working in hundreds of cities for our clients at Inception.

The problem with AdWords is that most companies charge an arm and a leg to manage your account. As a Google Partner that currently manages over 200 accounts I can tell you that most companies are overcharging you.

At Inception we have a small flat fee for managing Google AdWords accounts. Clients pay Google directly for their ads which allows them to see exactly what is being spent on ads. You'll find that most companies charge a bulk amount and they don't tell you what they keep and what goes to ads. I would run away from any company doing that.

TIP #3: Facebook for Chiropractic Digital Marketing

At Inception we receive calls daily about Facebook advertising. It seems like the ultimate digital marketing option, but when something seems too good to be true it is. It's not that Facebook advertising can't work, but the idea that you can pay someone to do everything for you rarely works.

From time to time I talk to chiropractors that are having long term success with Facebook, but only if they are investing quite a bit of their own time in it. You really have to build a following on Facebook over time to have long term success. That's something that a company can't really do for you.

This year we created a free training program for chiropractors that want to do Facebook advertising on their own. We literally gave away everything you need. For us it's a gesture of good will. We do so many things in the area of internet marketing that it was best to give this one away for free. Here's a link to the information:

Tip#4: Reviews for Chiropractic Digital Marketing
The final strategy I want to cover are reviews. Google reviews that show up in the search results are a huge factor for online success. Most new patients are going to measure your reviews against other doctors in your area. Those that have the most reviews will receive the first looks. If you have great reviews and a stellar website, you win.

Most doctors don't have a system in place to ask for reviews. I find that those offices accumulate little to no reviews. The number of reviews you have as a chiropractor has little to do with how good you are. When you see an office that has 50 or more reviews that have a system in place to ask for them.

You have a lot of patients that are willing to review you, but you have to ask them. That means you and your team have to proactively ask for reviews or you have a to have a system that automates the process. Many of our clients at Inception use our Advanced Reviews Program which allows you to email or text patients a link to review you. When every patient is asked for a review you accumulate much larger numbers of 5-star chiropractic reviews.

Digital marketing in the chiropractic field is really pretty simple. It becomes complicated when the salesmen confuse you. It's in their best interest to keep you in the dark. At Inception we take a different stance. We want to educate because our pricing is appropriate for the services being offered. The more educated the profession becomes the more demand we have.

Let us know if you have any questions. We're always happy to help.

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