Twitter: Does It Work For Chiropractors?

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

Chiropractors or nearly any business owners for that matter, are increasingly using social media like Twitter to expand the reach of their message. Huge numbers of people access their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts on a daily basis checking in on family, friends and even businesses they like and follow. So is Twitter a place that can work for chiropractors?

The effectiveness of Twitter really comes down to who your audience is.  In order for your tweets to be effective you need to have a large number of followers from your local area.  There are ways to accomplish this, but it’s a difficult task.

The majority of chiropractors I see today are just blasting out random posts without any audience to hear them.  Without the social interaction you get from having a group of followers there you are probably wasting your time.

Twitter is a great forum to update patients about incentives, general services and various health pointers.  Patients will have your information within a matter of seconds.  Keep your tweets and posts regular and pertinent to your patients’ lives.  In time, they will begin to see you a trustworthy, readily available informational health source.

It is a good idea to update your social media weekly, with Twitter being daily, to ensure steady interaction with patients and potential patients.  This constant contact will develop a sense of loyalty to your chiropractic office.

At Inception we work on a weekly basis to provide our clients with interesting posts and tweets for their social accounts.  We believe that social media as a part of your chiropractic marketing plan can be very effective if it’s done correctly.

By Mike Hamilton

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