Well Within Chiropractic

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this particular website tells a story. The office is fortunate to have a lot of windows with great natural light and this fact is showcased in the rotation of images at the top of the homepage. It looks inviting to patients and this kind of personalization makes this one of the best chiropractic websites for 2019.

This design is clean and concise. There is absolutely no clutter and navigating the menu is as easy as it gets. As you scroll down you can quickly see pictures of Dr. Williams and just below you see a picture of her working with an infant. In just a few seconds, without reading a single word, you can get a pretty good feeling about Well Within Chiropractic. Of course, if you want to read about the services they offer and symptoms they treat, all of that information is readily available to support what you have already learned in the pictures.

Use of Colors

A dark menu contrasts all the light colors in the pictures very nicely. It also helps to highlight the New Patient Special Offer, which is the call to action. Since there are very few words at the top of the website it needs to be obvious to someone exactly what you want them to do. The highlighted also pulls inspiration from the light blue color in the menu. This detail is subtle but when everything ties in together it makes the person viewing the site feel good, even though they may not know exactly why.

Analysis of Design Elements

If a potential patient can answer a few questions very quickly there is a much better chance that they will reach out to schedule an appointment. 1. Will I be comfortable going to this office? 2. Does the doctor look trustworthy? 3. Now what do I do? Check, check and check for this design.

Marketing Aspect

Each of the internal pages provide office hours and another call to action. This way as soon as someone has seen enough, they don’t even have to get back to the homepage to contact the office. They can easily fill out a form or pick up the phone to call all right from whatever page they are currently on. While “New Patient Special” is the most common, the call to action can take on other forms like “Schedule Now” or “Call Today”.

Image the Website Reflects

Well Within does a great job portraying the feeling of being caring and nurturing. That is the feeling that any office seeing expectant mothers and children should strive for and they nailed it. It doesn’t take long to know that you can “Know, Like and Trust” Dr. Williams when you land on this website.

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