Are Chiropractic Website Templates Bad?

Last Updated: May 23, 2019

There’s an overwhelming number of doctors that believe that templates used for chiropractic websites are a bad thing.  They feel this way because some of the major companies in chiropractic have cluttered most cities with dozens of websites that look the same.  Doctors pay money for a great new website only to find out that the doctor next door has the same website in red.

It’s a frustrating feeling and I’ve been there.  I had a website in the early days and about six people in De Pere had the same website.  One office had the exact same color and banner.  It’s one of the things that probably started me down the career path I have today, and I do my best to help doctors avoid this problem.

Are Templates Really Bad?

Large chiropractic website companies use templates because it’s the only way they can keep up with all the work they have.  They don’t have time to sit around making custom sites so they build something that looks good and start passing it out.  Not a lot of time goes into whether or not the site is designed well for prospective patients.  The site is designed more to make the doctor happy.  Templates used in this way are a bad thing.  They clutter up local search results and are a disappointment to people doing local searches.

Templates Can Be Amazing

When templates are used in the right way they can be amazing.  Templates give our team at inception the ability to split test.  It allows us to look at results across the country to know if what we are building is getting people to take action.  We have the ability to look at a great deal of sample data each day.  Our team is made of marketing experts that use that data to adjust the performance of our sites.

Another reason we’ve seen so much success with templates at Inception is that we limit our number of clients.  Our clients never have to worry about someone else having the same website in their city because we would never do that.  We protect our clients areas and don’t want to have five clients competing against each other.

Finally, templates work well for us because it allows us to keep our cost down.  When a new client starts with us we are able to very quickly get a site up and running that we know works.  Our clients enjoy the benefits of more new patients without waiting for months of site design.

Custom Chiropractic Templates

If you look at our collection of clients at Inception you will see that each office has a somewhat custom design.  We work with each client to adjust the template to fit their needs.  We are in essence delivering a custom website inside of a framework that we know produces results.

If you are looking to have an industry leading website please give me a call today.  We will develop a plan that work for your budget and produces the best return on investment.

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By Mike Hamilton

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