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Last Updated: May 3, 2019

Most chiropractors I know want the best chiropractic website, but what does that mean?  How do you know if your website is the best?  Is it just your opinion or are there other factors that you should be looking at?

Over the last six years I've gone from working out of my parents basement to managing the online marketing services of over 1000 chiropractors.  I've learned a lot along the way.  Some things we've done at Inception Websites worked and a lot didn't, but here's what I know so far today.

It Starts with the TEAM

Chiropractors regularly ask me this question..."What makes Inception better than the other chiropractic websites out there?"  My answer to that is Me and the other Awesome people I work with here.  We're better because our collective team is better.  There simply is not another chiropractic website company that can match our experience and tenacity.

It's never about one individual.  We have a number of individual superstars here at Inception, but it's our ability to work as a team that has taken us to this level.  Whatever we put our focus on we dominate within a short period of time.

What Makes a Chiropractic Website Produce?

The majority of website companies build websites to make the business owner happy.  I certainly want our customers to like their website, but that's not my main focus.  If the goal is for the chiropractic website to generate new patients then the my focus needs to be on producing a product that the patient loves.

Sometimes what the chiropractic patient wants to see isn't what the chiropractor wants to tell them.  Why is someone choosing you?  Is it because you do a certain technique or because of a certain service you offer?  In 99% of the cases it has nothing to do with those things.

Patients most often choose the chiropractor that they can identify with or that they feel comfortable with.  They make that decision half subconsciously by looking at the number of reviews you have and what your picture looks like.  If you're website is lacking your picture then you're losing new patients.

Can Patients Find You?

Having a top maps rank and a top organic rank gives patients a chance to find you.  John and I handle the SEO work here at Inception.  Our goal is for each of our clients to achieve a top 3 maps rank as well as a top 3 organic rank.

SEO or search engine optimization is a tricky topic.  Trying to stay on top of what Google wants to see is a full time profession.  It also takes a person that loves the frustration of it.  The rules are always changing and failure is the norm, but if you're persistent enough you can achieve an elite SEO expertise.

Is SEO the Only Way?

SEO is the least expensive way to generate new patients online in most cases, but there are other ways to get to the top.  Google Adwords is a way for you to pay for a top rank.  In 2017 Adwords has been working exceptionally well.  It can be pricy, but it's hard to find a city where a great ROI is not possible.

In 2017 we've gone from having about 5 clients doing Google Adwords to over 100.  Very few chiropractors stop running ads after they start.  It's producing really well and most doctors are ignoring it because of all the Facebook hype.

What About Facebook Ads?

They hype of Chiropractic Facebook Ads is like nothing I've ever seen.  You can sell this service at almost any price and the salesmen are laughing all the way to the bank.  Here's what I predict will happen in the next two years.

  • Chiropractors will continue to be swindled into paying more than they should for Facebook Ad management.
  • Most will fail or stop because of the excessive overcharging that is going on.
  • Inception will become the largest provider of Facebook paid ads in the profession because of Ethical Pricing.

Facebook ads are working well, but if you're paying $500 or more per month for Facebook Ad management you're being taken advantage of.  Our clients are getting as good or better results at a much lower cost.



In Conclusion

The best chiropractic website is the one being managed by an expert cutting edge team that covers all the important services with ethical pricing.

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