Chiropractic Marketing Websites Of 2014

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

If you’re a chiropractor it’s likely that you have a chiropractic website, but do you have a chiropractic marketing website?  My guess is that you don’t, and in this article I’m going to describe what I mean by this.  Just having a website is not enough.  You have to have a site that is performing for you.

There are a lot of website choices out there for chiropractors today.  Everyone claims to have a service that is the best and provides you with the most services.  The reality is that the blind are leading the blind.  We have a bunch of website companies that don’t have much chiropractic marketing or marketing experience at all, selling websites to doctors that don’t understand the internet.  The result is that many doctors are left disappointed in the end product.

The Key Aspects to Website Success

I’ve written a great deal of information about how to properly design a website.   For the most in-depth information you should check out my “Chiropractic Websites 101” article.  I believe it’s the most comprehensive article on website design out there, but I’ve also listed a few key topic below.

Simplicity is Key

As a doctor your tendency is to want to share everything that you do in your practice with potential new patients.  The thing you’re forgetting to think about is this: Do potential new patients care about seeing any of that?  Google analytics shows us that potential new patients really don’t care about any of that.

  • They want to see what you look like to see if they trust you.
  • They want to see if you have a professional organization.
  • If you have a call to action offer you’re in even better shape.

So many chiropractors that we meet overthink this whole process.  They spend hours of time creating content that no one will ever read.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have educational materials on your website.  It’s a good thing from an SEO perspective, but don’t do it because you think lots of prospective patients are going to read it.

The majority of companies today fill their websites up with a pile of information that the doctors like to see.  They spend very little time trying to create a true chiropractic marketing website.  A site that is designed to drive traffic to your office.

Call to Action

Does your site have a clear call to action?  A call to action that you can’t miss when you land on the page.  Very few websites I look at accomplish this simple task.  Basic marketing tells us that every marketing piece needs to have this component to it.

It’s also important to know that this offer can’t be stuffed into a page filled with all kinds of other information.  A new patient is only going to spend a few seconds on the homepage of your website.  In that short period of time they have to know what they should do.  Don’t overwhelm them with too much to look at, or you will lose them.


SEO or search engine optimization is a critical factor for any successful website.  Achieving a top Google rank if a must if you want your website to perform for you.  The difficulty that most doctors run into is that they don’t understand the complexity of this topic, and it’s easy for companies to tell them they do SEO.  They’re not lying, they’re just not telling you that they only do a tiny bit of SEO.

To have true long term success you need to be working with an expert.  Someone that can show you results of the work that they have done.  I can’t give away all my secrets here, but if you pay attention to my blog posts you can learn what you need to know.

I hope the information here has helped to point you in the right direction.  As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us for help.  Our team at Inception Websites can take you to the top.

You can also click here to see a list of the top 20 chiropractic website companies.

By Mike Hamilton

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