Chiropractic SEO Company Problems

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

Have you been getting messages almost daily from chiropractic marketing or SEO companies? You may have seen offers or even been contacted directly by companies offering backlinks to push your Google ranking to page 1 within 7 days of signing up no matter what your current rank or how your website is coded.  You will see these companies surface on occasion charging high start-up fees and a low monthly maintenance charge.

Their ploy goes something like this, an amazing unmatched service for a ridiculously cheap price, followed by completion of the least amount of work possible on their part, and finally disappearance into oblivion. Quite often the work they are “performing” has been outsourced to poorer countries and is of very low quality.  You will see a fast rank increase as they have claimed. What they neglect to tell you is the rapid rank decline shortly after the increase. Even worse is the Google penalty your chiropractic website will incur.  Google algorithms will flag the shoddy work performed on your site and will likely de-index your site from search engines.

Your practice and website alike will benefit from the effective, long term approach Inception takes toward search engine improvement. We understand how important it us to do things the right way.  Call us and we will discuss a plan that will bring you safely to the top.

By Mike Hamilton

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