Exact Match Chiropractic Domains

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

As we all know Google is constantly updating its search engine algorithms and in case you have not heard Google is now attacking “exact-match domains”.  For example, if you had a web domain such as www.LowBackPain.com you might fall onto Google’s radar as the domain is an exact match to a commonly searched term or phrase.  It is important to note that according to Google they are looking to weed out low-quality domains.  Please read through and understand the characteristics of a low-quality versus high-quality chiropractic domains.

Characteristics of Low-Quality Chiropractic Domains

  • Site has only a few pages
  • Duplicate and unoriginal content
  • Content not being shared via social media
  • New content is rarely added
  • Site author is unknown
  • Site is lacking a Privacy Policy
  • Low quality links

Characteristics of a High-Quality Exact Match Chiropractic Domain

  • Site is resourceful
  • Has many unique pages
  • No duplicate content
  • Content is original
  • Content is updated regularly
  • Posts are shared via social media
  • Site has a privacy policy
  • Possess legitimate links that link in a “natural manner”
  • The author is established with an author ranking.

Google will not fall prey to fad trends and gimmicks.  Google cannot be gamed.  You must have high quality sites and administer them successfully in order to gain ongoing recognition with Google.  As a website author and owner you must establish credibility in eyes of Google.

Protect Your Practice and Your Title

Establishing online credibility needs to be completed in a strategic manner as well. It is crucial to build a trustworthy online brand for your clinic, recognized for high quality, valuable content.  In addition to understanding that facet, you need to also understand how to have your information/site shared by authority figures key to in the field of chiropractic.

Unfortunately, many chiropractors are getting dinged because they have not established the credibility required by Google to give them rank.  It is in your best interest to change with the times as soon as you can.  Learn the basics or recruit a professional team of chiropractic website administrators, like the team at Inception, to keep up with changes and keep your site ranking in the top positions.  A top ranking site will mean more patients through your door becoming a vital component of your success.

By Mike Hamilton

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