Is Your Chiropractic Website A Monument?

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

Websites for chiropractors do not have to be monuments.  The majority of chiropractors I talk to are very concerned about whether they own their website design or not.  They look at their website as a monument that is going to stand the test of time.  The problem with this thought is that technology is changing very quickly.  The amazing website you have today will be old in twelve months or less.  So do you really want to own an old outdated site?

If I were still practicing today I would treat my website as a temporary skin.  The content that is in it should remain, but each year I would work at updating the features and look of the surface of my site.  What I see today is that about every three months new features and options are coming out from the top template designers.  If you want to be the leader in your market then you need to have those fancy features.

How Do You Afford This?

In the early days of chiropractic websites we were lead to believe that it was hard to build a website.  That you had to pay a setup fee to cover the huge workload that was going on.  For the most part I can tell you that there was not that much going on back then, and today there is even less.  Building a website does not take a great deal of time when you have a staff that is well trained.

The great news about this is that is it can be very affordable to regularly update your website design.  At Inception Chiropractic Websites we update each of our clients sites regularly.  Clients that work with us get the benefit of always having the top of the line website in their area, as well as a website designed by marketing experts.

If you’re living with a monument today give us a call.  We will help you streamline your entire online marketing system, from your website, to social media, search engine optimization, and all the rest.  Focus your time on running your practice and we will shore up all of your online marketing needs.

By Mike Hamilton

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