Social Media Marketing Companies for Chiropractors

Social Media Marketing Companies for Chiropractors

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

As a doctor, I am sure you have been aware of the recent push for social media marketing for chiropractors by many different companies. Here at Inception, we recommend our clients to be active on social media, and we provide them with advice and posting ideas. But, many doctors are unsure what needs to be done on social media and what the different companies offer. Most doctors should have listings on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. Some even use Yelp if it is popular in their area. In this article about social media marketing companies for chiropractors, I try to break down what the different types of posting that companies do. I hope this helps.

Social Media Account Setups
Many of the chiropractic marketing companies will offer custom account setups. What this means is they will gain access to your account and make sure all of the information and linking is entered in correctly. Also, many social media companies will offer custom backgrounds. This is a way to differentiate your office from your competitors. At Inception, our social media team will work with the offices to get all of your pages verified. Then, we will ensure that all of the information on the account is correct. These are things like:

  • Website URL
  • Office Hours
  • Profile Picture
  • Background
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Business Name
  • And more…

It is important to have your account set up correctly, so that in the case where a new patient lands on your account, they have the correct info. Also, it helps with patient retention. If a patient of yours goes to your Facebook page and tries to call you, they will want to be able to reach your office. I recommend double-checking your information on your social media accounts.

Social Media Posting for Chiropractors

Once you have your account set up and all of the information is 100% accurate, it is time to start posting. Many social media marketing companies claim they do posting that will drive traffic, boost engagement, and bring new patients in the door. From our experiences working with 1200 chiropractic clients, the best way to bring in new patients on social media is to use Facebook Ads. We actually gave away all of the information a doctor needs to do their own Facebook Advertising. It is on our site here: Chiropractic Facebook Advertising

The types of posts that most companies offer are inspirational images, recipes and quotes. These work great when it comes to showing Google that you are active on your account, but it really doesn’t drive new patients in. At Inception, we do weekly Facebook posting to insure that your account is active. Also, we provide ideas for posts and campaigns that you can run. We have a dedicated site where all of these ideas are posted. Also, our team here is always happy to help and offer ideas of what to do on social media as a chiropractor.

I hope this article helped your understanding of what exactly chiropractic social media marketing companies do. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, feel free to give us a call at (920) 857-1106.

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