4 Major Chiropractic Website Failures

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

Almost every chiropractor has a website today, but most see very little benefit from them.  Their website simply does not produce new patients for their office.  At Inception I see that there are 4 major chiropractic website failures.  This article will help you to avoid them for your office.

Mistake 1: Information Overload

Is your chiropractic website failing because of information overload?  If you have one of the typical sites we see every day you are probably in trouble here.  As chiropractors we feel that we need to tell people about everything we do all at one time.  Have you ever stopped to think about what the potential new patient wants?

From extensive research on this topic we can tell you that less is more when it comes to chiropractic website content.  You’ll have plenty of time to teach your patients all about the services you provide when they come into the office.  Simplify the design of your site and you will see an increased response rate.

Mistake 2: No Call to Action

The great majority of chiropractic websites have no call to action, or if they do have one it’s so hard to find it might as well not be there.  When a potential client lands on your site you have a few seconds to get them to take action.  If your call to action is not jumping out of the page at them you’re likely to lose them.  Keep your site clean, and your call to action obvious, and you will see the most success.

Mistake 3: Lack of On-Page Optimization

Every website has meta tags which are the key to telling Google and all the other search engines what your pages are about.  About 99% of the websites we see today have the wrong meta tags or they don’t have any meta tags at all.  The biggest problem here is that chiropractors don’t know what meta tags are or where to look for them.  They have put their faith in a company that is supposed to be doing the work for them, and in most cases the work has not been done.

Mistake 4: No External Optimization

Your website must be optimized internally, but it also needs external links built to it.  Examples of this would be properly optimized YouTube videos that are linked back to your website, or a well written article that is linked back.  There are many ways to do it, but it has to be done consistently.  A quick look at most websites reveals that little to nothing is being done for them.

At Inception Chiropractic Websites we take the time to make sure each of our clients are well taken care of.  Our sites are put together perfectly, and we work hard each month to make sure we are improving the external optimization of the site.

By Mike Hamilton

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