Advanced Chiropractic Marketing

The other day I came across a blog post of someone offering advanced chiropractic marketing strategies.  I started thinking about this for a minute and asked myself, “What is an advanced marketing strategy”?  Were the strategies that I used in my practice basic or advanced?  What is the difference between and a basic and an advanced strategy?

Without beating around the bush I think your goal should be take every marketing program that you have in your office to the advanced level.  Something as simple as referral cards can become advanced if you really put some thought into it.  It’s also important to say that advanced means to me that it produces a higher level of new patients.

One of my best friends averages over 120 new patients per month.  I can tell you that he doesn’t have any amazing secrets.  What he’s really good at is taking basic programs and figuring out how to make them really produce.  He scrutinizes every little aspect of each program he implements so that he can get the most out of them.

The secret to becoming the best marketer in your area is to spend time on it.  You have to fail or miss the mark hundreds of times before you can ever understand how to really make this work like my friend does.  Put in some time every day (maybe 30 minutes) and watch how advanced you become.

By Mike Hamilton

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