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Last Updated: May 1, 2019

There’s no shortage of chiropractic keywords that chiropractors are led to believe they must rank for in order to have success online. The truth instead is fairly simple, ranking for ‘Chiropractor’ followed by the city and state where you are located, should be your ultimate goal in an online chiropractic marketing stragety.

The Most Important Chiropractic Keyword

So for example, if we are working with a chiropractor targeting the Green Bay area, we will attempt to get them ranking first for ‘Chiropractor Green Bay WI’. Point blank. This straightforward phrase of Chiropractor (CITY) (STATE) is the most important keyword for chiropractors when it comes to dominating their local search traffic because that is what patients are searching for. Patients typically know if they need to see a chiropractor and will specifically search for one in their area to find one. It can be easy to get caught up in trying to rank for sciatica, shoulder pain, or auto injuries, but these just aren’t keywords that will lead a trackable number of patients to your office.

Why Not All Chiropractic Keywords Are Created Equal

To understand the reason why trying to target keywords such as ‘auto injury’ can be a futile exercise, you must put yourself in your “potential” patient’s shoes for a moment. Picture yourself having just been in an auto accident. What would you do first? I can almost guarantee it won’t be searching ‘auto injury’ on Google. If you’re experiencing significant pain, you’ll most likely be taking a trip to the hospital. Once there, chances are you’ll meet with a medical doctor whose treatment plan you will follow. Now let’s say you follow the prescribed treatment and a few weeks or months down the line you are still experiencing discomfort. There may be a chance you would consider chiropractic care at this point. The issue is however, you won’t be Googling ‘auto injury’ when you do finally seek chiropractic care, you’ll be searching for a ‘Chiropractor’ at this point. By playing this scenario out in your head with numerous keywords, you’ll often find yourself reaching this same conclusion.

Ranking for Symptoms That Chiropractic Can Help

It is also not of utmost importance to tirelessly tackle every symptom under the sun that chiropractic care can help. To better illustrate this point, think about the last time you needed to see a dentist for any reason. Chances are you knew you needed to see a dentist, and if you didn’t already have one, what you would be searching for on Google is a dentist. What you wouldn’t be searching for is ‘toothaches’, ‘cavities’, ‘chipped tooth’, or ‘tooth sensitivity’. The same concept applies to chiropractors. Patients know they have shoulder pain, they know they have neck pain, they know they have whiplash. You as a chiropractor just have to ensure that when these patients decide they need to seek a chiropractor, that you’re the first one they see on their Google search.

This is not to say that ranking for symptoms, is completely useless. It just should not be your main focus when the lion’s share will be coming from a single search phrase and its variations.

Chiropractic Keywords for More New Patients

We at Inception understand that dominating your local search is the key to your online success. Our goal is to help you attract more new patients by targeting the keywords that generate results, not by aimlessly building up your ‘keyword portfolio’. Give us a call today to learn more about ensuring your chiropractic website shows up when it counts.

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