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11 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas We Love For Chiropractors

Inception Online Marketing Drs. Mike and Aimee Hamilton

When you search for chiropractic marketing ideas, you’ll find a lot of nonsense. Most of the articles I see in the search results were written by SEO experts that know little to nothing about what it really takes to market a chiropractic practice.

This article was written from my personal practice experience and experience from the 2000+ chiropractors we help with online marketing today. No fluff…just the straightforward information you need for success.

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Idea 1

Perfect Website Design

You probably have a website, but do you have a website that generates new patients? I could go through almost every city in the country today and show you websites that will never generate a new patient.

It’s fair to say that 90% of chiropractors have websites that are failing them. Their websites were designed to please them instead of being designed to please the patient.

Here’s some tips about chiropractic website design.

Perfect Website Design

Tip 1

High Quality Photos or Videos

  • What are patients looking for?

    Almost every new patient that considers your practice will visit your website. Most chiropractors fill their website with pictures of their services. Is that what new patients are looking for?

  • Ask yourself this question:

    If you were looking for a new dentist would you want to see pictures of their drills and x-ray machines, or are you more interested pictures of the office and staff?

  • Patients want to see photos.

    If you’re like most people you want to see pictures, but very few chiropractors have high quality photos on their website. This is a major mistake and one that will lose you new patients.

Tip 2

Clear Call to Action

  • You don't have to give something away.

    When you say call to action in the world of chiropractic marketing it normally means you are giving something away. Some doctors choose to, but it doesn’t have to mean that.

  • You're guiding the patient.

    To me having a call to action means that you’re guiding the new patient to get started if they want to contact you. You’re call to action might be as simple as “Schedule Today”. It doesn’t have to be a give away it just needs to tell a new patient what to do if they want to schedule.

  • Make it easy to see.

    It’s also critical that’s it’s easy to see. Your call to action should be very visible on every page of your website.


Idea 2

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

It doesn’t matter how perfect your website is if patients can’t find it. Properly done SEO is critical to make your site produce.

This is a huge topic that is far too big for this article, but here’s the major areas you need to have covered:

Chiropractic Website On Page SEO

It all starts with how well your website is put together. Every page of your website needs to have the proper meta title, meta description, header tags, and keywords mixed into the text. This ensures that Google understands what you are trying to show up for in the search results.

It’s also important that you have enough text on you pages. You’ll want to shoot for 400 or more words in your articles. I see too many websites with a paragraph of text. That’s not enough to show Google that you’re an expert on a topic.

Finally, your website needs to have a good link structure. Related pages should be linked together, and all pages should eventually lead back to the homepage.

Off Page SEO For Chiropractors

Off page SEO is everything outside of the website. Things like directory listings, citations, and backlinks are the key components. You don’t need to overdo it here, but off page can be the deciding factor when it comes to Google rank.

In today’s world SEO is simply too much work for most chiropractors to handle. My opinion (although I’m biased) is that you should hire a team to do this for you. It’s rare to see one of our clients at Inception lose money. If you can have someone do the heavy lifting for you, and you can make a profit, then that’s the way to go.

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Idea 3

Facebook Advertising

Facebook was going to be the silver bullet of chiropractic marketing. It was supposed to produce all the new patients you could handle without any work. It certainly didn’t work that way for most chiropractors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be effective.

Facebook Advertising for Chiropractors

Two Strategies

Working for Doctors Today

  • Done For You

    Facebook is talked about more than anything else in regards to online marketing. It seems like everyone but you, are using Facebook to “flood” their office with patients. Not only is that not true, but many chiropractors are being overcharged for Facebook Advertising. We have a simple solution that will bring you the patients you are looking for.

Idea 4

Google AdWords

Marketing in the chiropractic world tends to focus on the new shiny object. Google AdWords lost its shine because it’s been around a while, but it’s working better than ever. As of 2019 our team at Inception is managing over 1.5 million in ad spend. Our clients are investing because it’s producing.

Google AdWords can be a bit tricky. We made a lot of mistakes over the years to get to where we are today. The ad styles you use combined with keywords, and especially negative keywords, will make or break you.

This article is a great place to learn more:

Google Ads
Green Slashes
Marketing Ideas

For Chiropractors

Idea 5

Internal Referral System

When my wife and I were still practicing we were able to average 80 new patients per month. About 20 of those came from our internal referral systems.

Our system was low cost, no pressure, easy to do, and extremely effective. Implement it exactly the way we did it and you’ll have a reliable flow of new patients each month.

Here’s a link to how we made this work:

Idea 6

Google My Business

Your Google My Business listing is critical. Having your account fully filled out with the proper address information is a must if you want to rank well.

You can check your listing using MOZ Local. MOZ will help to show you if there are any discrepancies in your business information online. MOZ also offers some solutions to fix your listings, but from extensive experience you’ll have to speak with Google about most errors.

At Inception we have a full-time employee that works on nothing but listing errors. It’s a lot to keep up with.

Idea 7

5 Star Reviews

In most cases new patients are going to select the office that has the highest number of good reviews. The offices that have a large number of reviews today have some kind of system in place to help generate them.

It would be nice if patients just naturally reviewed you, but they generally need to be asked to do so. There are several programs offered today to help. The system we offer at Inception is one of the most effective with the lowest cost. It’s worked well for over 500 of our clients.

Here’s a link to learn more:

Idea 8

Personalized Email Marketing

A huge piece of chiropractic marketing is staying in contact with your current and potential patients. Most doctors understand that, but there’s a problem. Instead of taking the time to send something personalized they resort to some kind of canned automated message.

Your list isn’t interested in generic messages. They want to know what you think and what’s going on in your practice. Taking a few minutes of your time to personalize your communications makes a huge difference.

In 2019 we launched our new backend dashboard. It allows clients to create personalized messages for their patients.

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Idea 9

Social Media System

If we did a survey of the social media posting done by chiropractors, we would see the following:


don't do any posting at all


use canned post from some company that provides them


post unique things that are important to them or that are going on in their practice

This means that only about 1% of the profession is using social media in a way that could benefit their practice. Pretty astounding, but it’s true. Social media has been a waste of time for 99% of the profession, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If even once a week you took the time to post something that came from your heart it would make a giant difference. That tiny effort can take your social media posting from useless to impactful.

The next idea will help to show you how to do that.

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Idea 10

Video Marketing System

I saw something this year that was simple but amazing. A chiropractor that practices the Gonstead technique created a 5 min long video showing his process with a patient from beginning to end. He showed parts of his exam and consult, his x-ray analysis, his full workup, and the adjustment. He also had the patient speaking during the process.

His video had an incredible number of views. It showed the patient how much care he puts into every patient and the kind of results he produces. It has not only lead to many new patients for him, but it has caused Gonstead doctors across the country to benefit.

Now you may not practice Gonstead, but I’ll assume you have a good process for evaluating a patient. If you do record the process and have a great video edited and put together for you. It can be a game changer.

Also, if you need some work on technique, which most doctors neglect these days, I’d check out one of the GMI seminars. Some of the best doctors in the profession are there taking chiropractic to the next level. Here’s a link:

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Idea 11

The Good Old Stuff

The interesting thing about the old stuff is that it becomes the new stuff once everyone stops doing it. Whenever you’re doing the things that other offices are neglecting, you’ll have your biggest wins.

Mailers, screenings, and talks are working better than ever. Everyone ran off to do internet marketing and left the most proven marketing tools in the dust.

It’s the old stuff that generated most of the new patients in my personal practice. It’s not always new and exciting, and it does require some work, but it’s worth it.

Here’s a link to all the detailed marketing programs we used to generate 80 new patients per month:

Review Spinal X-Ray

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