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Chiropractic Referrals

Don’t over complicate your internal chiropractic marketing.  It needs to be easy, and it should be part of your everyday office procedures.  When your staff is scheduled, and doing it for you, you’ll see the best long term results.

This marketing program is a must do if you are seeing any volume in your practice.  Every practice can use more referral patients.

The video here will walk you though this easy process.

Ulimate Referral System

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Ulimate Referral System for Chiropractic Offices

Referral Card Program

The chiropractic referral card program is as simple as our patient appreciation days.  We trained our staff to do this on the opposite months of our patient appreciation days, and we were able to reach out to at least an extra 10 to 20 new people each month.

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Referral Card Script

Hi (PATIENT NAME)...great to see you. I have a couple of cards to give you today. You can give these to anyone you care about that you feel would benefit from care here. It gives them a chance to come in to see if we can help them.

I'm just going to write a date on here for you. Whoever you give the cards to just needs to come in before this date: (Write the Date on...Hold Up Cards...Point to the Date...Make sure the patient sees this...Then hand them the cards.)

I hope there's someone you can help.

Have a great day. Enjoy your adjustment.

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