Local Gyms


Not all chiropractic marketing is equal, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do them. I’ve seen a number of chiropractors do new patient screenings at local gyms.  They can be effective, but the flow of people coming through the gym is usually too slow to make that type of setup work.  A couple of offices that I know were able to setup relationships with gyms that were close to them.  This produced much better results.

What they were able to do was setup to system where every new client of the gym was given an opportunity to have a chiropractic checkup done.  This was a complimentary service that gave the office a chance to do a thermal scan and a symptom survey.  It was not an event that produced huge numbers of new patients, but it was very good at creating a slow trickle.

Marketing events do not all need to be home-runs.  The key to creating stability in your office is establishing a number of effective programs.  Some that are big hitters, and some that are small and easy.