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AdWords for Chiropractors

Benefits Of Using Google AdWords 

  • Fast & Consistent

    You can potentially see a boost in New Patients tomorrow! AdWords tends to also be very consistent as well. 

  • Expand Your Reach

    AdWords allows you to get exposure to patients that are not available through Maps or Organic exposure.  

  • Positive ROI

    If your patient value is right, AdWords will produce a high ROI. Making it something that you will be able to do long term.

It's pretty rare for me to speak with a chiropractor that loves the idea of AdWords advertising. That makes sense when you fist look at AdWords it can be complex. Also most doctors that try to do it themselves  make a few mistakes that lead them to wasting a lot of money and getting frustrated.

I hope this helps you to overcome some of the basic issues that most chiropractors face.

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Google Adwords

Google Ads

AdWords For More New Patients?

The doctors using Google AdWords are doubling or tripling their fellow chiropractors in New Patients.

After working with hundreds of chiropractors on Google AdWords we've learned a lot. We've made a million mistakes and we've hit some home runs, but today I feel our AdWords setup is outstanding. I hope this page gives you a better idea of how you should be utilizing paid ads to help your practice.





Bonus Google AdWords Tip for Chiropractors

New in 2020: Bonus Tip

Google is regularly unveiling new features, and steadily making changes to their system, but does that mean you need to be changing your Chiropractic Google AdWords campaign? The short answer is no.

What I look for when running ads for offices is return on investment. It’s the most important thing to watch. You can easily to get caught up in all the fluff and details of a campaign and miss out on the success you’re having. The better option is to focus on how many new patients the ads are producing, and how much are you spending to get those patients.

Google has rolled out one feature that I have implemented for every office that is running Google Ads. It’s called the Responsive search ad. Google seems to be preferring those ads over others when you set up a campaign. If you are running any Google Ads in 2020 you should have this feature implemented.


AdWords Tip 1

I once heard a famous Google Adwords manager say this..."I won't accept a client that has a budget. Google Adwords always works, but it doesn't always work if the client has a budget that is too small." After working with over a hundred chiropractic Adwords account I can confirm what that gentleman said.

You need to make sure you are spending enough to get enough clicks for success. If your budget is too small you will end up wasting your money. It's a numbers game. The more clicks you get, the more new patients you get. New patients are normally worth more than it costs to get them so the more you get the more exponential your returns are.

AdWords Tip 2

Google offers a number of different match types for keywords. You have the following choices:

Broad Match | "Phrase Match" | [Exact Match]

In general I recommend that chiropractors use "Phrase Match" for their keywords. Phrase match means that the keywords contained within the quotes have to be a part of the phrase that the patient searches. This seems to be the most productive and cost effective way to setup your keywords.

Many chiropractors use Broad Match which creates a great deal of problems with wasted clicks. Broad match opens you up to clicks for just about anything and it's too difficult to control your cost. You want your ads showing up for potential patients and not for random chiropractic searches.

AdWords Tip 3

Most chiropractic Google Adwords accounts end up with a ton of waste. I sometimes see that 75% of the clicks a doctor is getting are total junk. Let me explain how that happens.

One of the best keywords to have is "chiropractor". The problem with that keyword is that if someone does a search for "Bob Jones Chiropractor" your ad will show up because "chiropractor" is a part of the phrase that was typed. The solution is to add "Bob Jones" as a negative keyword. Google will then block your ads from showing whenever "Bob Jones" is a part of what is typed.

I recommend that our clients send us a list of all the negative keywords they want put in. By doing this we make sure that as many clicks as possible are focused on potential new patients.

AdWords Tip 4

When a potential patient clicks on your Adwords ad they are normally directed to your landing page or to your website. If your website or your landing page is poorly designed you're going to waste a lot of money.

It's critical for the potential new patient to see what they are looking for quickly and easily. They want to see your picture and there should be a clear call to action. If you make they work hard to become a patient you're probably going to lose them.

AdWords Tip 5

The worst thing you can do in advertising is to look the same as everyone else. Ad Extensions give you the ability to stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of different kinds of Ad Extensions so I'm not going to fully explain them in this article, but they help to make your ad more robust.

By making your ad look larger than the ads around it you are able to attract more attention. It also allows you to have more text to talk about specific services you offer.

AdWords Tip 6

If you're doing Google Adwords you have the ability to speak with Google Adwords representatives for advice. Some of them are great, but there are also many reps that don't have much knowledge about chiropractic.

Over the years I've taken advice from many different reps. In general their advice has made my chiropractic campaigns fail. What they tell you may very well work in different verticals, but chiropractic is pretty unique. Be careful taking their advise. They mean well, but many reps will end up sending you down a path of wasted money and frustration.

I hope this has been helpful. My team and I offer the most affordable Adwords management in the profession. We are happy to help you, but if you decide to do it on your own I hope this information was helpful.

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